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Dietary intolerance: Symptoms and treatment in children

Dietary intolerance: Symptoms and treatment in children

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Examining and treating childhood food intolerance requires great care, since, in the interests of smooth development, variability in eating is extremely important in these cases.

Food allergy: Symptoms and treatment in children

The food allergy

Food intolerance can be a variety of foods or ingredients.It includes fruits that seem harmless, milk, cheeses, smoked goods, but also foreign oils, eggs, tomatoes, spices. can occur at any age. Among these, lactose intolerance, or milk sugar sensitivity, is the most common and best known in childhood. It usually occurs in children over 5 years of age, but it can transiently affect as many infants as it is associated with other conditions (eg, severe diarrhea, antibiotics).You know!Food intolerance is not the same as food allergy. Food allergies are indirect reactions to the immune system that are targeted at whites and can be fatal in the most severe cases. In the case of allergy, symptoms of allergies such as cheating, eczema, runny nose, choking or various abdominal complaints can occur. Food intolerance has no proximity to the immune system and is largely based on enzyme deficiency. Its symptoms are also different from those caused by food allergy.

Symptoms and consequences of food allergy

Food intolerance, slow, febrile, causes primarily gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal cramps, and slight vomiting. Symptoms can also be influenced by the amount of food you consume. However, it is important to emphasize that food intolerance never results in fatal events. These symptoms should be taken seriously, as with regular diarrhea, your child may even run out or lose weight, which is very dangerous. In addition, abdominal stomach quality of life is also impaired. The haspuffadбs, frequent winds tбvozбsa - kьlцnцsen if bыzцs - may embarrass the child next to the school уvodai йs kцzцssйgben.A gastrointestinal bйlrendszeri tьnetek bхrelvбltozбsok (bхrpнr, ekcйma, kiьtйsek) йs magatartбszavarok (hiperaktivitбs, disturbance in attention, fбradйkonysбg) is felhнvhatjбk attention to this disease.

Diagnosis and treatment of food allergy

In case of suspected food intolerance, consult a pediatrician who has referred you to the appropriate specialist who will produce a specific antibody against the food that is causing the problem, which will be tested by a blood test. Such examinations - in the case of children - over the age of 2-3 years should be carried out by a specialist in order to obtain true results. The child should infuse into an air analyzer for exhaled air before drinking the milk sugar solution, and every 2-3 minutes thereafter for 2-3 ounces. Higher levels of hydrogens and clinical signs can justify lactose intolerance. In the case of intolerance, the most important thing to do is follow a diet recommended by a specialist, which can resolve complaints within a few weeks. diйta the components of the diet that may irritate the intestinal tract should be eliminated. It is important that the diet is always monitored by a specialist. If the patient's condition does not improve, it may be that the food causes the symptoms, and further examinations may be necessary, pуtolni. For example, the lactose enzyme, which is available in the form of tablets, drops and powders, can be used in susceptibility to lactose.Yeah, if all parents knowThere are now countless food intolerance tests available, but these tests are rarely used by a doctor with food allergy. They are not suitable for diagnosing allergies, and intolerance cannot be diagnosed with the help of these. These tests only show what food the patient consumed, which triggered the production of antibodies in the body by the "holey bowel pancreas".
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