"Bad cop, you cop" - Mom raises, Dad just lets me in

"Bad cop, you cop" - Mom raises, Dad just lets me in

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It also gives the child greater security if he or she sees his or her parents together, and even at the level of relationships, fair play is more appropriate.

When the baby is still in the tummy, we try to prepare for everything. We buy clothes, decorate a nursery. But somehow, educational directives - including the discussion of fatherly and motherly roles - always remain out of the question. However, creating a front line with our partner in educational and disciplinary requests is imperative from a very small age for the family to work seamlessly and seamlessly. What good would it be for most of us to be like that, right?"Bad cop, you cop" - Mom raises, Dad just lets me in (photo: iStock) Each family has its own dynamics, its own set of rules, which are constantly changing according to the age and needs of the children. It's fantastic for kids to play with us just like Santana on the guitar from a very young age; we know exactly how far they can go, who is more lenient, who explodes sooner than fake, and loves to experiment with us and test our stimuli. Of course, , foreground wall cave drawings, mommy's favorite red roses, the little / small baby's nipples, and then the adolescent and adolescent situations were not mentioned.If this " In a good case, mom and dad put it in at the same time, and if that is the case, the message is clearer and disciplined. But unfortunately, this is not the ideal case in most situations. It is interesting that in the most of the family, it turns out that the mother shares the "worse" role - the stricter, the more vocal, the less lenient - even though the father is a good head, a funny, - the superb. Because little ones spend almost their entire day with their mother, it is evident that they will get more feedback from them, be it positive or negative. When Dad comes home from work, he does not know that his son / baby has been fooling around all day because Mom hasn't bought him the Twenty-second paw print. They start with a clean sheet from the Father. In fact, most of the time, "Daddy is tired" by the time he gets home, and he hasn't even had time to argue about coloring or run into dinner without eating. Dad works most of the time, Duplo truck dressing, dollhouse repair, wrestling, playing pirate baths. And the histories and sayings remain as mothers. Daddy released them slowly. Of course, many fathers also point out that because of their long hours of work, and because of the time spent in their lives, they are much more lenient and disciplined about discipline. Unfortunately, the role of the "protagonist" is always unintentionally and unintentionally passed on to the partner, and after a while not only the relationship between the children and the mother, it can also force the stamp on the relationship. If we can't count on other help and play on parenting requests in the team - getting support from the other - the dad and mother can conquer continuous tension. the reason was that their ex was unable to go to the same page about parenting requests. even a fairy tale, until you could go to the classroom on a weekday, and after you got a bad badass home, I always had to say no. for he or she has put himself or herself out, and seems to have taken it he grew up in the other room, or before the kid made me think I was not lenient. It touched me very badly, and my son's attitude towards me has deteriorated significantly. There were obviously other reasons why we were finally getting lost, but to this day, I feel that the fact that I always had to play law enforcement alone played a big part in keeping us apart, ”she says. energetic jolly nature is far from being the "bad cop" role.No one feels cautious about being disciplined, but when it comes to being a mother of a woman, she must wear this hat, which is really unpleasant. If you feel that your partner is not speaking the same language when it comes to parenting, it is worthwhile to have a mentor consult with you, " In most cases, of course, there is no choice g these are the opposites, and even there is someone who just laughs at the good cop-bad cop. Detti and her husband, Pali, believe that the greatest hardship of life can be solved with humor, and when it comes to being disciplined, they still have to keep this in mind. " so, of course, most of the time, I was - and to this day - the mummy. When Dad arrived, it was always a little feast - went crazy, stupid, and often allowed them to do their makeup Pali is a Buddha, I think since we've been together, I haven't heard that he raised his voice in any situation. Pali would rather not make a statement at this point. It has happened to me that the girls have taken something in their heads that we knew I wouldn't allow, and of course they sent them to me, and I sent them back to "Ask the Apostles!". We did it a couple of times, even though the whole family laughed, and the girls forgot that we really wanted something, "the mother said, laughing. woman, but her couple always confirm, support discipline. Of course, there are some polished areas. "I think I'm lucky, because we are 60-40% responsible. Obviously I am in the larger percentages who play the role of "I don't like it", but my spouse also gives me the maximum support at this time, though he is not a strict figure. In difficult situations, I can always count on him "Watch out for Mamma" or "Ask me to sit down for Mamma", and it helped a lot. So the boys also find that they both have the same head for the most part. Of course, my father is not holy. Roughly, he challenged himself to some of the activities that the boys unconsciously do, such as hair washing or nasal cleansing, so I became the main character. Both of our boys strike hard against the hair wash, and even though the couple does the bathing, I always get the hair wash because he "has no heart." In this case, the entire housing estate is broadcast when my grandfather says in the throat between two shampoos, "BAD MAAAAMII, I DON'T LIKE MAAAMIII!" - summarizes the situation from the point of view of Kriszti. let the black-and-white cop be so black and white. Mom doesn't even feel that she's always in dirty work, just stuck in conflict, Dad just "foams off the cake" and is more of a great-grandfather than a real baby. The united action also makes your education more effective Also, since it makes the stated principles more emphatic, the double example is more efficient, and it doesn't even throw in a card that "Dad just lets you, much better head than you".Related articles:
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