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Deaths in the BirthplaceThe pool of three women is dying in the birth

Deaths in the BirthplaceThe pool of three women is dying in the birth

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Childbirth - whatever its positive - is one of the most traumatic events our body can go through. Occasionally, women's pelvis bites extremely hard and, unfortunately, these bites are not taken very seriously.

Well, you can still feel the problems after giving birth

According to the authors of a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology healing of pelvic floor injuries in the midst of birth can take up to 8 monthsand in 15% of the women the healing still does not occur during this period. The most common cracking of the pelvic floor muscles, interrupted or overexerited. Their consequences can range from the growth of the internal organs to incontinence. Many times to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor recommend intimate gymnastics or so-called Kegel exercisesbut unfortunately these are not always the solution. The experts involved in the research, Janis Miller with Professor Leadership, we studied the types of injuries women may suffer during childbirth. Professionals in the field of births, nursing and radiology have examined women who have suffered some form of birth deficiency. It has been found that these lesions can not only cause muscle stretching or cracking, but also bone fractures, fractures, muscle wasting, and even peeling of pelvic muscles. Of course, these exercises do not help with pelvic floor muscle strengthening, regenerative exercises. MRIs have been used in the examinations, and Professor Miller thinks this has serious legitimacy. "These injuries can have at least as serious consequences as when a high-profile athlete is injured. he doesn't see much of a doctor, at most during cancer, "the specialist said. "However, some people who have healing need much more time, and also have more serious problems." According to Professor Miller, there are women who may be more prone to shingles, muscle breaks. An MRI need not be a routine procedure, but it may be necessary in some cases. The specialist advises that It is worth visiting the baby center again if you realize that it will take a long time for your baby to regenerate, or if we have unusual, unpleasant symptoms.
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