Plasticine and Paints: How to Make Your Kids Book for the Longest TimeThe Best Smudge Games

Plasticine and Paints: How to Make Your Kids Book for the Longest TimeThe Best Smudge Games

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Plasticization, painting, smudging are among the best developer games we can use to book little ones for a long time.

The elastic, light mass massages the tiny fingers and strengthens the muscles. There is no need to encourage the little ones to form, and over time, a small, light, toad will develop. It is perfectly suited for this purpose simple plasticine. Even with two packs, you need to exert more effort for ringing and hacking, this will be a game for those who like wilder movement. The lightweight twisted lightweight is wrapped in a twisted pretzel.

Plasticization improves finger movement very well

For coloring plasticine, we recommend: yellow banana, lemon, orang sprouted ball, twisted seedling. By mixing colors, new games begin: what color is made up of two others, and what a funny, heart-colored bat we can conjure from a mixed button.
With the help of winter paint we can make colors at home sуlisztgyurmбt (half cook, half flour softened with a little water). mйhviaszgyurma sophisticated finger movement is required for machining, so we recommend it only at the age of four.
Ujjfestйkek let's put a big wrapping paper on the kitchen table to try it, smudge it with our fingers, palms, sun, flowers, trees. Body paints and fingerprints are available at major paper, home improvement and toy stores.
At home, you can make pancakes with flour and water and make a thick glaze that can be mixed with food coloring. You can also use strong colored foods, such as nipple, round cookie, black tea, cocoa for coloring.
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