Spring vitamin probes

Spring vitamin probes

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After all, the gathering lifestyle man had a natural diet of a wide variety of fresh shoots, ferns, and blossoms, in which a number of biologically active substances, vitamins, macro-enzymes are needed to start a new life.

Spring vitamin probes

Even today, the young shoots, leaves of the cheat, the horn, the dandelion should be consumed in the country. City people think that in the spring, "primary" greenery is the first and healthiest source of vitamins. The greenery grown under the foil in the greenhouse is really good, because in the form of mildew, linen and herbicides, it gets everything it needs to develop. It therefore contains nitrates, which can be converted into cancerous nitrites or bound to the hemoglobin in the blood, thus eliminating oxygen, causing a life-threatening condition. This is all the more dangerous the younger (immature) and the weaker the body is. Never try to buy your first dummy, your first baby, even for young children! By the middle of March, by the end of the year there are free-growing onions, chives, parsley, lettuce, salty, nipple, honeysuckle.We have a wide selection of dried vegetables and fruits (ideally the vitamin content is 80 percent). Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, rape, celery, potatoes, onions, roasts, bananas, apples, citrus and almond oil are all over. (Because of their high fat content, they rancid quickly, eat them fresh or freshly frozen, or store them in the refrigerator for a longer period of time.) Vitamin content can be increased with fresh parsley, chives, pickled lemon juice and cabbage.


We mix 1 grated rape with 1 grated apple. It can be watered with honey (only after one year!) And lemon or orange juice (used carefully, you can wait until one year). They can be stuffed with biscuits, couscous (The biscuits should be homemade or organic, not high sugar content. You can give them at 8 months old). Potatoes are best served to preserve their valuables when cooked and baked.

Vitamin Induction Potato Dinner:

We cook the french fries in salt water and cook them in the oven. We also cook two eggs. We mix two raw egg yolks with 2 deci of sour cream, the yolk of the translucent curd and chopped white, two sour grated apples and 1 tbsp. oil. Season with salt, pepper, chopped chives, parsley. (Eggs 10 months old, white at 1 year old) Cut the potatoes into cubes, drop them in the salad mixes, turn them over and ripen them in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. It is especially delicious when it is pickled with lettuce vinegar (dill, turquoise).

Tojba potatoes

We chop 1 head chopped onion in oil, add half a pound of cooked, diced potatoes and stir-fry slightly. We beat 3 eggs with 3 dips and cook onion fries. Stirring together. It is available in green salad, sauerkraut, round salad, raw cabbage salad.


We shred 1-2 raw targets, 1 apple and 1 strip, give it 3 sticks and 1 tbsp. sugar, mix well, and leave it to rest. Foam vinegar or lemon juice, cumin and 1 tbsp. with oil.


Raw cabbage is easy to digest, but when cooked it goes through a transformation that is considered hard to digest and puff. For the salad, finely grind the raw cabbage and leave it to sip with a little sugar. Unscrew, season with dry caraway, dried or pulverized peppercorns and dill, lemon juice or dill vinegar, pickled cabbage.
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