Period of controversy

Period of controversy

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The curvaceous tummy also appears to the unknown, and the pregnant mother is subject to special punishment. Then the baby is born and attention is diverted. It is important for the environment to recognize that not only baby, but also mother and father are born here.

Period of controversyThe transition periods after major events, turning points, are never legal or reassuring; New roles is a typical feature. It depends on our individual bloodline how quickly we regain strength after childbirth, how to wear different kinds of affliction, but it is true that for a few weeks, nothing seems like anything else. Touching her, breastfeeding is a distraction for the mother, and the mother is captivated by the love she has for her child. It is also more sensory than what we feel when caressing, tossing, teasing, and more irresistible in the tummy. In the meanwhile, our body is working on its chemical senses to stimulate our senses. The "love hormone" not only precedes our body in moments of physical beauty, but also during childbirth and breastfeeding, and makes us aware day and night of who is most important. For example, the kinship, the hospital staff, all of which are probably only heightened and many times the feelings of trial, you see frequent rumbling, self-indulgence, and, of course, peculiar disappointment: only the new born is!

5 + 1 Tips for Newborn Mothers

Dr. Katalin Varga a professional psychologist, a university lecturer in the early nineties, he has been dealing with the questions of the pre-natal period. His smaller son is just so rich, so fresh things are richer to say.

1. Don't just think about birth!

I often see that the family is almost overwhelmed by the problems of daily life in the weeks after birth. The couple usually focuses on having a good birth. They attend a course, learn breathing techniques, but hardly think about the first weeks of babyhood. Where will you eat? Who will cook, wash? Who Helps Your Older Child Care? Contrary to the tradition of the Colonel, today, it is rare for a family to serve the mother during her childhood, so that she does not have the opportunity for physical exertion or mental work. If somebody offers to help, accept it! After all, the first few weeks are getting used to the baby.

2. This period will soon pass

It has helped us a lot to remind ourselves again and again: it will not always be that way! Little weeks pass, the family adjusts to the new situation, and - although incredible - the baby adjusts somewhat to the family. The initial "cold house atmosphere" will be eliminated, and everyday life will be somewhat more prominent.

3. Exercise is not an obstacle to relaxation

Not only do you have to bear the burden of doing things, but the burden of pregnancy and childbirth with bodily changes you also have to make friends. The bats that have been carefully accumulated by nature have so far been hidden by the huge tummy. The curvaceous forms are part of the maternal role (they were considered to be more valuable, productive, and more full-bodied by the wombs), but they undoubtedly seem to be contrary to today's body-time. most difficult with the change. Here too, the key phrase "it will not always be that way". Bats are well fed during breastfeeding. Of course, this requires time and a proper lifestyle. You can start exercising in the first few days. Most babies really enjoy being able to move around with their mother. Numerous good video cassettes, books to give you ideas!

4. Not only parents, but also women and men

It is important for parents to take time out on their own. With small gifts, kind words, talk, weakness and patience, they can give you a lot. The mother decides at the beginning that she will give her time alone, and she will not completely retire from motherhood. It's best to keep in touch with friends and other little moms, read good books, listen to music of your own accord, go for a walk alone or go to the hair salon. Whoever is open gets the energy to focus on the little one and the other family member.

5. Free Flow for Alarms!

It also needs time processing the birth condition - especially if it wasn't quite the way we wanted it to be. The married couple is mostly idyllic about birth, breastfeeding, baby, family life. This is fed up with the magical world of magazines and advertisements. Baby Lifestyle is not quite milky - everyone who knows how to give birth knows it. Get these! The sleeping baby had a smile on his face, a drop of milk in the corner of his mouth, and a bunch of little wonders that could help with the hardships. Of course, these things must be taken into consideration! If expectations are very different from what the currency is (say, premature or emergency cesarean section), then the mother may feel left out. You have to work on that loss. We will not be able to fight for the blood, but for the worse, because we have prepared for this child. Spiritual processing is serious work: it requires time and energy. It is best to allow our senses to embody in some form. A deeper conversation, some kind of artistic activity, a diary can help. It is good to talk to your baby about things. He doesn't understand our words, but he definitely feels that he is in trouble, we are tense and he listens attentively to what we have to say. During the conversations, we formulate, organize our thoughts, and get rid of some of the spiritual burden. This baby is also good at sensing.

+1 Let's stop the anxiety!

Occasionally, we cannot succeed on our own, and even get into a state of mind. Each baby would benefit from a "live birth process talk", as well as a six-week puppy control. However, this is far from the social view and the supply of professionals. I strongly recommend that you contact the appropriate organization or specialist before your problem is addressed to your immediate environment. Very it is important that we have a good feel for ourselvesand formulate and then fulfill our expectations. We can only be terrible parents. It's good for a kid to do a lot better than to always live a perfectly clean, professional life with his constantly anxious, anxious mother.

The first days after childbirth

A number of our readers, excited about their birth, say, "From the moment I went into my room, nobody saw me. True, I was awakened at dawn to see fever, but nobody showed me how to make a baby. I just found it really hard to find a nurse. I felt like they were left to myself. "- Would that be so bad? What do those who deal with babies every day think about it? - Regardless of the circumstances, almost all expectant mothers are depressed, the second day after childbirth. One reason for this is the hormonal changes keresendх. Note: The baby is mostly hungry at this time, but the milk hasn't started yet. Breastfeeding very often, not much time for rest. It is not good to feed your baby again, as frequent breastfeeding can prevent painful milk intake. Many on the third day are also very unhappy and sad. At this point, the conditions are a little calmer: it is time to think about the burdens of motherhood. "How's that?" Your request may be depressing. Some who have not been prepared for nine months are enough to process their deeper fears and spiritual problems. This can also happen in the early days. Our job at this point is to talk to our moms and reduce their physical pain, he said. Lomenné Marika she is the head of the children's department at St. Stephen's Kurzhaz in Budapest. We recommend the following:
  • breastfeed on demand to relieve your breasts
  • ask for pain relief if you are suffering from rashes
  • request ice or shower with lukewarm water to relieve pain in the barrier
  • eat as early as possible and possibly fruit or other fibrous foods to lighten your pet
  • get up soon after cesarean section
- My "girls" are out in the classroom. They are in constant contact with their mothers because they have to take their concerns seriously. The same phenomenon that is infamous and commonplace to the infant can be awe-inspiring in the inexperienced mother, and it remains a minor bad memory. We don't educate our little ones, but rather try to discuss things - he said Seresné Gizi infant son-in-law, from the newly created St. Stephen's Church in Budapest. I observe that the third day is the most critical. At this point, they are already far from the liberated sensation of the baby, and the baby is awake a lot. As infants, we need to call attention to all essential information about breastfeeding. We need to show more posture, teach the handmaid. We also need to have some skills, because not all expectant mothers ask if they do not know something or are mentally ill, and many simply emerge. We have to look at it without words if there is a problem. Our parents go home on the third or fourth day, and there is no perfect solution during this time. I think our breastfeeding dispensary plays a very important role, which can be called on at any time to ask if they are unsure at home. We are aware that many times we can reassure them by phone.

What does the obstetrician examine?


Early childhood begins with the birth of the bed. The place from which there is a large, open, open wound remains. As the bee gradually contracts, the wound surface becomes smaller and smaller. First of all, your doctor will always check for signs of recovery. Carefully palpate the lying patient's abdomen. After the baby is born, the fundus of the bee is placed at the height of the sender and is lowered one to two centimeters a day, ie two centimeters lower. (It takes six weeks to get the original status) .The form or the final report is either "well contoured" or "sub-inverted". The former means that the stomach moves at the right pace, and the second stays the opposite. In this case, inflammation, infection, residual butterflies, or bleeding may block the inflammation. In this case, further examinations and medical or possibly instrumental treatment are required.

The infant river (lochia)

As a result of the healing of the wound at the site of the butterfly, a large amount of reddish blood is formed initially, followed by a pinkish, yellowish, whitish, white color. During breastfeeding, there is a stronger tenderness and, as a result, more bleeding. This facilitates healing. If the smell of the stream is considered bad, or the bleeding starts again, intensifies, or loses larger blood clots after a few days' rest, the doctor will mark them as inflammation. In such cases, the bee is usually more sensitive to printing, so much so that it is almost impossible to touch. In all cases where healing is out of the normal range, a medical examination should be undertaken to determine the cause.

Milk or infectious?

The body temperature of the newly born mother is also checked several times a day. Severe dreaded, fatal childhood fever (a serious infection throughout the body, or sepsis) is more common today extremely rare, but local infections may occur. The first signs of this are the rising and then persistently high fever. At the same time, the bee does not cool enough to feel soft at the same time. Even when milk is added, you can also have a high fever for a short period of time, and cold chills are not uncommon, but there are no signs of infection.

I'm sorry

Professionally cut and sewn pain is not a significant, permanent pain. It takes about four days to heal, during which time the canal shoots are in order. Sensitivity may take longer, but if it is dripping, throbbing, hunched, meaning red, and depressed, pus, further treatments are needed. We talk about secondary gout inflammation when the ulcer or gingival surgical scars are patched up by ulcers and inflammation of the wounds develops. In this case, we do not sew again, but clean the wound several times until the winds are sewn together. The resulting scar is thicker, not linear.

After cesarean section

Bee infestation occurs more slowly and infections are more common. Because a large number of twelve urn beds are required after a cup, thrombotic events are also more common. This is because a piece of blood adhering to the outer wall can break off a little, and in seconds it reaches an organ where it does not penetrate the gauge and blocks the blood. It is more common in people who smoke, are overweight, have diabetes, or have pre-existing or high blood pressure. Fortunately, today, there are several methods available to physicians for early detection and treatment of this disease.

The menstruation is back

The so-called "baby baby" lasts until breastfeeding is completed and the regular monthly cycle returns. Usually the first month of bleeding begins six weeks after full weaning, but it may also occur when you are fully breastfeeding. It is important to know that the effect of breastfeeding on fertility is limited to exceptional and frequent breastfeeding, and not to all. Within one year, a woman becomes pregnant with unprotected sex even if she is breast-feeding her infant.
Szaktanбcsadу: Dr. Michael Tцrцk chief physician, associate professor, Central Medical Center of Hungary

Breastfeeding and menstruation

Anyone who is not breastfeeding can count for their first monthly bleeding application six to eight weeks after birth. From this point on, fertility is restored, so it is also advisable to ensure that you get pregnant. Breastfeeding prevents ovulation and cycle reversal if the baby is less than six months old, receiving only breast milk, and the number of breastfeedings is at least six to eight, and at least six hours longer at night. It is also a prerequisite that during the twenty-hour period of breastfeeding the baby reaches the other end of the breast.If your baby gets pacifiers or extra nourishment, the amount of time spent on breastfeeding decreases. A breastfeeding cow after the first six months cannot be considered a reliable contraceptive even if the infant is breastfeeding frequently during the day and night. There is no cause for concern, due to the return of the cycle, breastfeeding should not be interrupted, as the required milk volume is restored every other day after the start of bleeding. Let's breast-feed more often so you don't get hungry! Menstruation usually does not cause a change so that the small will reject the breast. If you do, usually the pain caused by toothache or otitis media explains the strike, not the "deterioration or loss" of milk. After birth, many women more regular monthly cycle, but uncommon symptoms, especially the so-called pre-menstrual syndrome, may be more intense.

Again, she's a little crazy

It is recommended that you consult your obstetrician again six weeks after your birth, even if you have no complaints. During the control exam, the doctor checks to see if the male has regained his original size. By this time, the infant flow must stop, and the throat and internal vaginal injuries must heal. Now, sexual life is becoming less and less painful - if it has ever had a problem - but it can take up to a quarter of a year for the local sensibility to think about it. sйrьlйs. True, the same is checked immediately after birth, and if the doctor finds a crack, it can be repaired. However, not everything looks good, as the tissues are soft and loose. It only takes weeks to find out if you have actually done a good job. Cracks can be repaired by surgery, but this can happen much sooner. If the couple wants to have another child, it is important to fix the bigger grief before the next pregnancy. The doctor should also tell you about breastfeeding so that any problems can be shed. If necessary, he or she will direct the mother to breastfeeding counseling. In this case, pregnancy is also discussed. Breastfeeding women are primarily offered mechanical methods, such as a vaginal suppository, a ball or a rubber tube. The spiral, that is, the uterus, can be taken six weeks after birth, but it is recommended that you undergo a vaginal examination. Occasionally, fungal or bacterial infections may develop during pregnancy, and the uterus in the vagina may suppress these diseases if your baby has diabetes. the standard values.
Szaktanбcsadу: Dr. Boros Judit szьlйsz-nхgyуgyбsz


In the common language, the smallest spermatozoa protrusions that are derived from the inner cavity of the cavity are called whiter. The name is also inadequate, because the wound is actually a skin deficient in gums, although in the case of a "softer" it is not healed. The small skin of the skin may occasionally bleed - for example, in the middle of the day - because it dries, but fortunately it heals extremely quickly. However, it can be uncomfortable that these tissues can induce increased cervical production, especially when vaginal inflammation develops. Some of your previous infections (such as chlamydia, mycoplasma) may go away. In this case, you first need to look for the cause of the inflammation and then treat it. You do not have to shake the lice itself, it is harmless. If, however, it is necessary to treat it, according to the physician, this usually does not involve the hospital itself, and the freezing or laser procedure is used to eliminate the sebaceous islands.


Not only do you admire the baby, but your attention extends to the rest of the family. The gift is best suited for the little mom, the big brother and the father. Avoid striking make-up and glittering elegance, and inquire about events around the world. Do not skimp on the praise! We offer our help and agree on something at the same time (program with the older child, cooking, ironing, cleaning, sewing).Ajбndйktippjeink
  • CDs (like relaxing music or baby clothes)
  • a fashion accessory
  • fresh fruits
  • Interesting books
  • two-player board games
  • Subscription or magazine subscriptions
  • Pregnant mother's carrycot
  • paid biome for a week

Children's habits of the past

The name is also clear: in most languages, the names used to describe the weeks after childbirth are those in which the bed, the bed, and the rest are defined. The extensive ban system has provided for the well-being of children and infants of infancy. That was the impurity of the river.
  • In the Hungarian Hungarian peasant culture, where work was extremely important, everyone accepted that tehermentesнteni need. After childbirth, her mother and her baby were allowed to rest in the "tent-bed" for weeks. Because of her uncleanness, she could not cook, so relatives, acquaintances were livelihood, brought comatose, and committed a great deal of work around the house.

  • In the Middle Ages, a Muslim woman was considered unclean for forty days. He couldn't get over the door of the house, he couldn't see the mountains, so as not to eliminate the planting springs. For twenty-one days it was forbidden to wet the hair or touch anything. The mother could breastfeed her baby only after the cleansing rituals, until then she had to shed milk. During the forty days, she breastfed the nursing nurse a little, or was fed with a mix of butter and honey. The mother had to soak in sheep's meat, wheat flour, and leek soup.

  • In Tahiti, a baby was locked in a hut for two to three weeks after birth. At the time of her weaning she could not afford food, so somebody else had to feed her.

  • The mother had to go to a separate hut for twenty days after she was born in the Alaskan Coast of Eskimo. We thought it was so unclean that no one could touch it, even though the food had been provided to him with a stick.

Judit Szхdy:

According to my memories, I received so much help, and in the first few weeks I never had much time to think about life. I kept doing things around the little one or I was busy with my own troubles. Looking back on your history, I still wonder what could have been so intense about twenty times. So I remember I was almost always in a "state of being".

W. Ungvбry Renbta:

I had a really good time after childbirth. My family was tempted, cooked, cleansed for me, cared for the bigger ones, and most of all, I remember the good chill, the warmth, and the peace of mind with my newborn child until the end of the day. I did not look in the mirror, but I felt completely relaxed after only a few days. Then I got up to go out for a walk or to cook lunch. I always regretted those completely unnecessary promotions. Suddenly my power ran out and I started to get pregnant again. I had to realize that everywhere in the world there is a desire for rest, and this is not the best time for a baby.Related articles after the birth:
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