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Before All Saints: Let's talk about fish honestly!

Before All Saints: Let's talk about fish honestly!

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Fish is often a taboo subject among adults. We don't like talking to roula kids because we don't really know what to say ... and the best thing is honesty!

Before All Saints: Let's talk about fish honestly!

One of the most beautiful memories of years gone by was the fact that last year, with my three children, we were able to gather candles to the cemetery on the Day of the Dead. Previously, keeping the weight, the dark and the cold, I preferred the cucumbers to the granny. Last year, however, my four-year-old twins and two-pointed spears were wide open, carrying candles and waxed drops in a smeared jacket.

Fish is the essence of life

I remember I was six when my grandmother died. It was Sunday, we just finished breakfast when the bell rang. My godfather stood in the door, he brought the horn. I knew Grandma was in the hospital, but I didn't realize she was dead and there were no more. My mother, who was raised alone, did not turn to pain, but tried to tell me more about the fish that day. He responded to my requests and I'm sorry to let him be there at my grandmother's funeral. by my mom's hands, I could say goodbye to grandma in this way too. I learned from my mother, that death is the core of life, and whether or not we silence it, everyone comes to life once in a while.

Mind vs. exercise

Of course, another is theory and practice. It is difficult to talk about something that is not present in our daily lives and what we are looking for. We push and postpone it because we think it is not necessary, why should we talk to our child about the fish? Well, among others, because if you hear about it, if you do not treat the taboo in your family and protect your child, then of course, it will contribute to the topic. The fish is present in nappies, nappies, cartoons, pops up at home-held homes, and even, if observed, in the games we play with our children.

Let's remember it!

Day of the Dead is a good time to bring the blanket home. Let's sit down and talk about lost family members, revive old family anecdotes, and collect candles every night to commemorate our dead. We can take old photo albums to show who the jedi or grandmother was. If you are sensible to a photo that is dear to your heart, let us not hide sadness, say how much we love our relative, how much we remember it, and we can never have a heart. Let's go to the cemetery on the day of the dead, gather some fun together, and let the child ask.