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If you buy such Haribo gum, don't eat it

If you buy such Haribo gum, don't eat it

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Haribo has deliberately, within its own borders, withdrawn one of its products for quality reasons, the National Food Chain Safety Authority said on its website.

If you buy such Haribo gum, don't buy it (photo: iStock). The Haribo Hungбria цnkйntesen Ltd., withdrew sajбt hatбskцrben rendelkezх the alбbbi azonosнtу data termйkйt the piacrуl, then kivonбsrуl felelхs vбllalkozуkйnt йrtesнtette was the Nйbih - use the kцzlemйnyйben due to minхsйgi hivatal.Az intйzkedйsre kifogбs was szьksйg, as declared by the vбllalat йlelmiszer-biztonsбgi there was no risk.
Product details:
  • Haribo Wumm 100g
  • SKU: 37735
  • Manufacturer Part No: L361 180 19 0219199
  • Download Time: 09/2020
Because of the quality of the bar, the products had to be removed from the shelves, Nabih is asking that anyone who buys the products bearing the above identifiers should not consume them.