Let's prevent the ancient killing!

Let's prevent the ancient killing!

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Most of the children suffering from tertiary stage bruising were not caused by fire, but by hot fluids. Typical sources of danger can be well eliminated!

If the baby is in the kitchen, we only cook on the hot surfaces of the stove. Never pour hot water, oil, butter, gently tilt the pan or pan on the front hotplates. Turn the flaps and the handles inward! Before lifting a bowl full of hot liquids, make sure that the kid is out of the way and stumbling across a toy. Do not hold the child in our arms while cooking. Do not use lazy, wide areas that may be attracted to small curiosities.
Put the kittens in the washbasin for cooling off so that the toddler doesn't fall. Do not leave you alone in the kitchen for a second while cooking, even for an unlocked time. It is easier to protect the little ones from the hot heat than the hot one: we slowly move towards the hot one to feel when they feel the pleasant unbearable. The candlestick can also be attractive - they can hold it because we don't know it's hot. Once the accident has been reversed, allow cold water to reach the affected area, or soak it in cold water, and shower if necessary with clothing.
Refrigerate for at least fifteen minutes. Even in the case of first degree burns (without blistering of the skin), a doctor should be consulted if a large area is affected. In case of second degree burns (blisters), there is a risk of infection because the blisters become open. They need professional care, so let's see a doctor. If your child has been exposed to hot fluid - in about thirty percent of cases - you should call an ambulance at the same time as the chill begins. Don't smear anything on the surface!

Let's prevent the ancient killing!

Christmas security

There is a lot of caution we can do to prevent a lot of mourning, but adults usually don't even think about what the little ones are capable of. In the midst of busy Christmas events, make sure you don't leave your child alone with a candle that is lit and lit up in the room for a short while. Experiences have been able to grasp the candlestick, the star filter. Do not use lazy, windy fields, as you may be tempted by hot tea, coffees and soup. In the kitchen, install a stove on the edge of the stove, place the long handle pan on the inside of the stove.
If you have a small, cold water to cool the brew: let water from the tap. When cooling is in progress, continue for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Do not lubricate the broken part. We also need to see a doctor in case of first-degree bruising (without blistering, blistering) when covering a large area. In the case of a second degree blistering, blisters develop over time, but may unexpectedly rupture, thus causing the risk of infection. Demand for professional care, so show your doctor.
In more serious trouble - in thirty percent of the cases you find small bowls full of hot liquids - call for an ambulance, but in the meantime, cool the sore skin with cold water, or wash it off. We may not be able to undress, the nylon fabric will "melt" on the skin, and we will leave it to the doctor.
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