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Diarrhea is difficult for a parent to understand, as it can mean many things: acute abdominal illness as well as a common disease. But he may not have any serious illness.

It is better that the parent does not have to make a homologous diagnosis. It is a stomach for babies and should be prematurely evaluated in infancy.

Infant stomach

If the baby has a head in his stomach, he screams and rubs his feet and thighs up against his stomach. However, this symptom can be triggered by anger. If you are resting on your baby and it does not seem sick at all, it is better to wait for the symptoms to stop. If you do not settle for babies, but you do not look sick at all, you may have a baby that often occurs during infancy.

It is a stomach for babies as a toddler

Yeah, if you call the wizard or the doctor, but not on an emergency basis. If you have diarrhea, fever, diarrhea, or other symptoms, you should seek medical attention soon.

Infant stomachs

Many times a toddler can't show exactly what his head is, or can't make a reliable difference between stomach and nausea. If the child feels unwell and is so painful in his / her stomach that he / she is lying down, crouching, crouching down, consult a doctor immediately. If the pain is milder and there is no other symptom, it is better to wait. If pain does not disappear after 2-3 hours, seek medical attention.3 Often, abdominal disease is one of the most common causes of abdominal disease. This disease most often occurs between 3 months and 2 years, and is a rare but serious disease requiring immediate medical attention. Its essence is that a piece of the bowel sockingly fits into the anterior segment of the stomach and causes complete blockage. After 2-3 minutes the pain disappears, but after 15-20 minutes it reappears. Between seizures, the child may induce vomiting, blood congestion. In this case do not wait, consult a doctor immediately.

Emergency reasons

There are children who have periodic headaches or nervous nausea. For the first time, you should definitely examine your child to make sure that there is no organic cause behind the symptoms. We will now try to address the specific causes of the symptoms. Although stomach cancer does not always require medical attention, be cautious when reacting to anxiety in the nervous system, as it may be a disease of the body.
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