CHOK: Drooling continues throughout the country

CHOK: Drooling continues throughout the country

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The family home improvement allowance (CSOK) for the purchase of used homes, which came into effect in January, has been minimized, but the real estate affected has increased.


According to the Government Decree on the Family Creation Benefit for Buying Used Housing, Expansion (Chocolate), one child per 600 thousand, two children after 1 million 430 thousand, three thousand two or two thousand thousand support is required.The minimum housing size limit is 40 square meters for one child, 50 for two, 60 for three, and 70 for some. A home extension is a minimum increase in the useful floor space of the apartment, including the attic entry.
The purchase price of the real estate can be up to 35 million forints and up to 20 percent higher than the value determined by the credit institution.
The announcement quotes Laszlo Balogh, a leading economics expert at, who said the loosening of the rules was justified by the increased interest in used homes since the beginning of the year. The changes now seem to be consistent with the support of children and the regional disparities in boundaries are disappearing.
Real has launched a list of over 40 square meters of flats for sale at the beginning of February. According to the final results, the floor space of the affected homes increased by 2.1% compared to December last year.
Laszlo Balogh emphasized that the highest prices in the capital city, and that puts the national average. In Budapest, the average square meter of homes with a floor area larger than 40 square meters was HUF 427 thousand in the first week of February, which is 3.3% higher than at the end of December.
In Budapest, the 5th district is the most expensive, where the average square meter of homes in circulation is HUF 708 thousand, which corresponds to a 1 percent price tag. The XXI. district was the lowest with the average price of 243 thousand HUF, however, it also rose by 7 percent in the end of December.
Győr, the second most expensive city after Budapest. The average square meter of high-turnover homes in the county headquarters is HUF 291 thousand, which is a 0.5 percent increase in December.
The prices rose the most in Szolnok, where the average square meter increased by 12.3 percent to 179 thousand HUF.
The expert said that since the announcement of the expanded CSOK, an average of 150,000 people a day are battling advertisements, an increase of 39 percent.
Real predicts that changing the chocolate rules could generate further livelihoods in the used-housing market.
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