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It's a miracle: the 422 gram baby is still alive

It's a miracle: the 422 gram baby is still alive

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Six-month-old Abigel is happy and healthy, just like any other half-baby. But she had come a long way: she was only 422 grams.

Wonderful miracle: 422 gram baby survived (photo: 9NEWS)Abigil was 27 weeks old and was born with an emergency cesarean section and less than half a kilo. It was as small as a corn, 422 grams, said the father, Owen Peters. She was so tiny that her hand was blown away by her mother in Gyûrûné. There was very little chance that Abigil would survive. After his birth, he was kept alive by machines, but still had only a 50 percent chance of surviving. Abigйl He spent 179 days in the hospital with her parents.Abigil is six months old with his parents (photo: 9NEWS) Abigil is now 6 months old and at home with his parents, and he has the risk of having health problems, such as his developmental hardships, his physicians trust his little one, with a weight of less than gram (via)Related articles in Early Baby:
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