Europe Day: "15 years - 15 km", programs are all over the place

Europe Day: "15 years - 15 km", programs are all over the place

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Well-known artists from the world of art and the public will also participate on Sunday, May 12, 2019 at Freedom Square on Europe Day, where they will run 15 kilometers of running races, family fun programs and concerts.

Visitors to the event can meet - among others - Bogi Szabados, Zoli Fenyvesi @wheelchairguy and Dani Sass. Thousands of people have participated in the Europe Day race in recent years, with many well-known public figures taking part.Europe Day: "15 years - 15 km", programs are all over the place
A one-day family festival will welcome those arriving for this year's Europe Day on Sunday 12 May 2019. For the celebration of European Peace and Unity, the organizers are back with a variety of family and kids programs, concerts and an EU quiz. At the free event, which will attract 12,000 attendees this year, all ages will find the best match for them: pupils, storyteller, hopping, music by the Ishchid children's band, and Elephant by Delft. Varan Dani and Radvбnyi Balzz, singing Blackberry, and Róbert Bérczesi. On the eve of Europe Day, the Poriterfy Bori & Love Band concludes with a series of evening concerts. Famous figures such as Szabados Bgi, one of the hosts of the RTL Club Hrradyj, are also featured among the festivalgoers. Zoli Fenyvesi (alias Wheelchairguy), the lead character of the Tilla with a Clean Heart film, will also be appearing at the event this year. Zoli said: "I really like these crazy, social events like Europe Day because I get people closer to each other. I have more acquaintances who I met on a Europe Day and we are also important. let's be clear about what rights and opportunities we have in Europe as a unique citizen of Europe. At such an event, we can gain useful insights even in the form of a play.

"15 miles - 15 kilometers"

4000 participants will attend this 15-kilometer Europe Day race, commemorating the unique accession of our country on 1 May 2004. Starting from the Liberty Square and passing the emblematic streets of Budapest, you can also complete the competition. The successful gastronomy of RTL Club, the seasoned gastro blogger Sass Dani, is known for his season 3 chefs. This will not be the case at this year's Europe Day, where the 15-year-old 15km race race will take you to the start line. "For me, community running has always meant more to the athlete himself. This is the day when you are not good or bad, when you are not enough or too few. You lead everyone with the same goal. every step! " In addition to the variety of programs and programs, the organizers also provide information. At the festival's information booths, interested parties can be informed about the various EU institutions and organizations, their functioning and the EP elections due May 26th. The esemйny ьzeneteirхl Zupkу Gбbor the Eurуpai Bizottsбg Magyarorszбgi Kйpviseletйnek vezetхje нgy said: "We are Idйn ьnnepeljьk Magyarorszбg EU tagsбgбnak 15 йvfordulуjбt йve 15 members of this kцzцssйgnek which kцzцsen dцntьnk arrуl, what we want йlni Eurуpбban Immбr 15 йve йlvezzьk Hungarians.. We have also joined the economic and cultural circles of Europe, and we all feel the need to stay in Hungary for a long time. Andrea Lхvei, Head of the European Parliament Relations Office in Hungary, on Europe Day celebrations, stressed: "On 1 May 2004, our country became a member of the European Union and became a full member of the European Union. to get closer to the public, the "uniу" is the focus of the europe day. and let us know that we all have a good time and celebrate our 15th birthday together. "And, of course, we all have a good time celebrating our 15th birthday." The Europe Day events are organized jointly by the Representation of the European Commission in Hungary, the European Parliament Liaison Office in Europe and the Europe Direct Information Network. All events of the event are free of charge.
Europe Day Festival with free shows on the Freedom Square in Budapest, May 12, 2019 (9am - 9pm). You can find more information about Europe Day here and Facebook events here.