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There is a chance that there will be a vaccine - the National Vaccine Company

There is a chance that there will be a vaccine - the National Vaccine Company

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For the sake of ensuring the supply of the domestic vaccine, it is advisable to examine the restart of the domestic vaccine production. Probably in Debrecen, the production of low-budget vaccines, such as vaccine against influenza.

There is a chance that there will be a vaccine - the National Vaccine CompanyA government decision was made to build a national vaccine factory in Debrecen in order to guarantee security of supply for domestic vaccines. A specialist told the World Farm that vaccines that can be produced at a low budget in the National Vaccine Factory could be manufactured. Such vaccines may include influenza, cerebral palsy or varicella vaccine. In addition to the cost of construction, the study also estimates conceptual and technological conceptual plans and cost estimates.Zoltán SzilvabssyThe University of Debrecen rector of a mъlt йvi elхadбsбban arrуl beszйlt to the university, Richter Plc. Йs kutatбsi program of Fluorobenzyloxy Innovative Vaccines Ltd. Kцzцs lйtrehozza Kцzйp-Eurуpa elsх ъgynevezett sejtvonalalapъ biotechnolуgiai oltуanyaggyбrtу kнsйrleti ьzemйt keretйben, which is the basis for the planned national oltуanyaggyбr йpнtйsйt . He added that they would be able to introduce more vaccines against influenza in Hungary, and those that protect against more than one flu virus, even over the course of a thousand years.Bolt ZoltabAt the same conference, the Chancellor of the University of Debrecen said that the Debrecen Higher Education and Industrial Cooperation Center would receive eight billion forints, which would be supported by the Economic Development and Innovation Program. One of the elements of this is the completion of the Vaccine Experimental Plant by the end of 2018, and the small-batch vaccine plant is scheduled to start in 2019.Related articles in the vaccine topic:
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