Facts and beliefs about conception

Facts and beliefs about conception

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There are many different opinions about correct conception. Some people swear by the use of the condom, while others consider the use of medication to be the only correct solution.

The issue was discussed with the help of Dr. Kssa Kssa maternity and Dr. Chaabu Kva endogenous endocrinologist.
According to Dr. Zsolt Kуsa, he is the safest. the "Dutch method", that is, conception and concurrent use of the condom, where the drug protects against pregnancy while the condom protects against STDs. If the goal is to avoid unwanted pregnancy, the safest use of the drug or spiral is the safest, as they provide the greatest protection (99%). The latter is a comfortable and trustworthy tool, 95% of women are willing to wear it without complaints, while the vagina is not a highly recommended solution because it can cause unhealthy, as a drug solution. However, the use of rings is a better choice for people who have had a liver problem, because the hormone content in it is eliminated bypassing the liver.

There are also some disagreements about when to start a hormonal contraceptive. According to Dr. Chauzbouk Йva, taking the pill is primarily recommended for people over 18 years of age. The practitioner emphasizes that there may be a number of side effects of fertility, including probably increasing the risk of severe thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that any woman who has not been pregnant before should be tested on her. thrombophilia panel, because if there is something in it that predisposes to blood clotting, the patient will not receive any hormone-containing substance during her life. According to Dr. Chauffe's Pray, if you have had a detailed hormonal examination before, you can choose the right conception. Sometimes, however, it is advisable to suspend your medication twice a month to check that your natural cycle is working. Of course, during the break, the drug is not protected, so the use of a condom is necessary, especially if the couple wants to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.
Also, in the case of a non-fertile tablet, you may be at risk of forgetting to take the medicine because, for example, you are not taking it for an extended trip and there is no way to prescribe it. All of these experts suggest that you should be aware of the side effects that may differ from one tablet to another. Fortunately, in most of these cases, there is only harmless menstrual bleeding, which is based on relative hormone deficiency, but it does not necessarily mean the absence of effective fertility, or the loss of blood.
However, along with the risks, Dr. Zsolt Kúsa also believes that early hormonal contraception is a better choice than aborting a pregnancy, the natural balance is restored. According to two experts, choosing the right birth control pill and using the condom together is the safest solution if you are not ready for the sake of the baby,
Dr. Zsolt Kуsa, Versys Clinics Human Reproductive Institute
Dr. Chauzkow Kva, Endocrinologist of the Versys Clinics Humane Reproduction Institute