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Dietician in chat

Dietician in chat

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Ruth, Pilling, dietitian, answered our questions about good nutrition and diet.

Thyroid and metabolism

One of the first comrades complained of thyroid failure. He had gained 35 kilos during his bloody run, which he would now throw, but it was very difficult to succeed. Because thyroid hormones have a significant influence on the metabolism. Their lack generally slows down the body's metabolism and stores excess energy rather than utilizing it. In these cases, with the help of medication, there is little chance of losing weight without hormone depletion. At the same time, the metabolism can be accelerated with traditional agents: for example, the consumption of apple vinegar and pineapple can help the utilization of calories and nutrient preparation.
Also, coffee, tea, chamomile tea (virgin tea) have a "quick" effect. Athletic lifestyle, easy nutrition can also accelerate metabolism. Metabolism is also most often not slowed down by chemicals, but by, for example, smoking cessation, a sudden change in life. At the same time, the expert noted, slower metabolism due to hormone deficiency, pregnancy or other causes is not in itself a cause for excess weight: in any case, extra calories lead to it.

Healthy weight loss

The mother of a 10-month-old baby was wondering how she could give off the excess kilo that she had left after giving birth so that it would not endanger breastfeeding. The dietitian's advice is to eat lots of light greens and fruits, but avoid strong scents, cauliflower, calabash, onion. Consume a lot of lean meat (poultry but no fish), light but good quality dairy products, low-fat dairy products and exercise a lot. The food is mainly roasted, spices-free, hard-cooked, muesli, brown bread, and seedy notes are offered in bulk, with plenty of fluids, soda free. He advised steamed greens, Polish or English steaks, brown rice, browning. Sweets mentioned aspartame-based ingredients, Nutrasweet and Canderel.
In general, about recommended and effective diets, Ruth Pilling said: The key is healthy eating and realistic choices. Do not set too short boundaries and goals that are difficult to accomplish, as this can only result in failure and setbacks. Losing 1 kg a week can be a sustainable goal. The spiritual background of nutrition also needs to be examined: "snacking" (comforting with food) and foaming, and wall bouts, are usually psychological. "That may be the reason that I am annoyed by my own weight, so it's an eccentric," one of the chatbots said. If someone sets out high expectations, for example, they want to reinvent their youthful form, their self, and permanently unmanageable themselves, it is even harder to get rid of their gut. But with the strong will of this circle, it is possible to get away with it - the specialist assured. Lucky for you, the blog is not alone: ​​for this purpose, you could recommend HomePatika's "Five in Five Weeks" promotions, some of which have been published in recent books, as well as in the portals, portals and forums.

Diabetes during pregnancy

During her pregnancy, a diabetic who "harbors rancor" has been diagnosed, so she hasn't gone to childbirth control and her baby is now at risk. - Diabetes is rarely rare, but you should definitely go for the control test, as this complex metabolic disorder can be overlooked if neglected. Although gestational diabetes may disappear after childbirth, in many cases it is a sign of impaired carbohydrate metabolism and lower-grade diabetes, warned Rilling. Caution doesn't hurt: if you are diabetic you should go for regular check-ups, and if you don't have regular carbs, you should stay on top of simple carbs. If you have diabetes in the family, you have a high risk of developing diabetes. In this connection, it is also worth paying attention to body weight, as one of the risk factors for type 2 diabetes is overweight.

What does the baby drink?

Although we were naturally expecting questions about the proper nutrition of infants and toddlers during the chat in the baby room, relatively few of them were received. In view of the great heat, it was rather a matter of having a little drink: at the request of one of the mothers, the specialist - since boiled water itself is not very good - made a couple of teaspoonfuls of boiled water. Instead of black tea, babies can have a small amount of eyes and a boil of anise, because this is good for their digestion. However, it is not advisable to cook herbs because of possible pollen contamination. It is not advisable to start cocoa early too - the dietitian does not recommend it at the age of one - because cocoa juice contains caffeine called theobromine.