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Childhood diabetes starts more often

Childhood diabetes starts more often

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Children under the age of 15 have a higher risk of developing Type I diabetes in the winter months, according to a study.

Childhood diabetes starts more often

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Novi Sad researched this tйli tend to be more common in the fiъk or 5-14 years old between both sexes. Unlike type II diabetes, which develops in middle age, Type I Usually it starts in childhood and requires lifelong insulin therapy.
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Playback Disease develops when the pancreas insulin-producing cells are killed. It is not clear why these cells are killed, but the most valuable cause is an abnormal reaction of the body against the cells, which can be triggered by viral or other infections. "There are a number of reasons for this Type I Diabetes Season for example, "said Elena Moltchanova, head of the study. there is no school stress and they can spend more time outdoors, "he adds.
Contrary to previous studies, Victoria King, Diabetes UK research manager, said "this larger study has a stronger correlation, which is interesting, because we still don't know exactly how Type I diabetes develops."
"By examining this pattern, we may know more about what can trigger Type I diabetes."
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