Pituitary adenoma can also cause infertility

Pituitary adenoma can also cause infertility

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The malignant tumor of the pituitary gland may at first sight appear to be very dangerous and a rare problem, but in fact it develops in many, and fortunately, in most cases, a complete recovery of the patient.

Pituitary adenoma can also cause infertility

What symptoms you may be referring to and what to do, arrуl dr. Polyбk Annamбriбt, the Endocrine Center of Buda was asked for endocrinology.

Malignant neoplasm of the pituitary gland

The pituitary gland - that is, the pituitary gland - is a very important internal secretion gland that is responsible for multiple hormones. It is responsible for the production of oxytocin, vasopressin, LH, FSH, MSH (melanin-stimulating) prolactin, growth hormone, TSH, and ACTH, the adrenal carcinoma it is a non-cancerous form, but can have a profound effect on hormone balance, thus causing the body to function and, if left untreated, to cause serious damage. What kind of disease or symptoms it causes depends on which hormone it affects. It is worth knowing about the tumor it can also cause the hormone (s) to be overproduced or deficient.Hypophysis for ademona symptoms:
- body changes
- visual disturbance
- milk spill without pregnancy / breastfeeding (also in male)
- Bear
- Growth / acromegaly (overgrowth)
- muscle weakness
- pigmentation disorders
- chronic headache
- fatigue
- menstrual disorders

Prolactinoma - more common than we think

Infertility is very common in the background endocrine disorders but, in this context, there is relatively little prolactinoma, which is a high level caused by malignant pituitary cancer. prolactin level. Because the amount of this hormone jumps throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, in other cases, very little is produced. However, in the case of prolactinoma, the presence of cancer increases ovulation, menstrual disorders, and infertility. Although many people think it is a very rare problem, but it is not, in fact, one of the most common pituitary adenomas.

What can be done?

Diagnosis of the problem designed for unexpected exams need (CT, MRI) Annamaria Polyakk, an endocrinologist at the Endocrine Center of Buda, said that malignant cancer of the pituitary gland requires only drug therapy, but it may be necessary. However, you are aware that if treatment is started early enough, the patient may recover completely.
- When the cause of the infertility is unknown
- If I am a bear, can't I have a child?