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Hippo baby: pay attention to these signs

Hippo baby: pay attention to these signs

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The hypothetical baby's muscles are loose, flabby, palpable. He often acts like a rag doll. Hypotension is not a disease, but it has many stages, the mildest of which causes few problems, but in the most severe cases, it can lead to disability.

She keeps her head niceHypotension can occur in many areas: all over the body, or just a part of the body, typically on the shoulder or on the stock market. It can be different in severity and its causes are different, but in most cases, it is not possible to tell the cause, but in many cases, his muscle tone is too loose. There is also a difference in breastfeeding.

What are the symptoms of a hypothetical baby?

  • Breastfeeding Problems: Breastfeeding too slowly, too long, and possibly not very effectively.
  • Aluszйkonysбg
  • Can't hold head if you put it back on the baby's head
  • She doesn't like lying on her stomach, she can't lift her head, her shoulders. Repьlхzik
  • It does not creep, it does not mute, or it does not do it in a regular way
  • He doesn't get up, he doesn't start coming in time
  • One of the offices nodded in a supine position
  • There is no resistance when taking the tongue exam,
  • Short neck, almost none
  • They are less motivated to move
If you experience these signs or suspect your child's movement, you may want to visit a neurologist, go to a locally competent early developer, or request an appointment with the Anna Anna Foundation. Of course, you should first call the home pediatrician.Related articles in Movement Development:
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