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What Causes Baby Hypotension?

What Causes Baby Hypotension?

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Hypotension means loose muscle, muscle weakness. It can influence movement, but also the gut, and even the breath. What are the reasons?

Hypotension may be present within minutes of childbirth, but it may be only a few months later that the baby develops a mild muscle tone. This can also cause serious problems and influence development. Hypotension can be indicated if the baby is unable to hold the head, the rag doll is in our hands, the hands and feet are fully extended, or if they are too low and have problems with feeding.Hypotony can be indicated if the small rag doll "lуg" in our hands

What can cause hypotension?

There are many things in the background to the development of hypotension. Termйszetesen it may also happen that professionals cannot find any obvious reason, but most of the time it depends on some other problem, and besides hypotension, parents can also experience other complaints. Hypotension can refer to disorders of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, or muscles. Reasons for this include:
  • shortage of oxygen immediately before or after birth
  • developmental disorder affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves or muscles
  • Down syndrome and other genetic chromosome aberrations
  • severe congenital thyroid problems
  • the spinal cord
  • early brainstorming
  • fertхzйsek
  • autoimmune diseases
Fortunately, hypotension is not always a symptom of a serious illness, either with the right therapy, you can improve your baby's condition a lot, in fact, it may even be possible to bring in any leftovers within a few months, even the small ones! However, it is important that you recognize and diagnose the problem in a timely manner! The sooner the therapy starts, the better the chances of the baby developing properly.(Via)You may also be interested in:
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