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In the background of sudden onset testicular pain, there are many times a change that requires pediatric urological care.


However, when a problem is diagnosed, the physician is often faced with a difficult task, as many medical conditions are similar to complaints, symptoms, and can often be .These complaints can occur at any age, however the child's age may be of help in which disease to think about. Among the symptoms is the first one fбjdalom it used to be. It can be difficult to diagnose (and start treatment) that sometimes the child is very early in reporting accident, "scarred the testicle, even though the change in testicles just became known. Otherwise - especially in adolescents - the delicate psychic observes that he has sexually transmitted disease, so he does not give birth to his parents or school physician, and is confident that his complaints will disappear without treatment. Unfortunately, this often has a detrimental effect on the chances of healing, because in some cases not only the sun but also the urns count.

What are the Symptoms Used to Test for Testicular Pain?

The symptoms are usually the same in the most common cases: pain in the testis and breast, tenderness, swelling of one side of the scrotum, swelling of the scrotum. The pain is sometimes so intense that during the examination (palpation) the child meets the doctor's hand and does not allow him to touch the testis. The swelling, the size of the skin, can also vary - from a small swelling to a huge size that the child can barely visit due to the enlarged testis.What Diseases Cause Acute Testicular Pain?
Most often, one of the following three types of complaint is the complaint:
  • A twist on the testicle.
  • A twist on the testicles of the testicles.
  • Acute chest inflammation.

A twist on the testicle

This is the pattern in which the complaints came after medical intervention is urgently required. Speed ​​can be a draw here in terms of saving testicular viability. Testicular twitching in adolescents occurs less frequently in adolescents less than 10 years of age. It turns out that the testes hanging from the testes are loose, so the testis can turn around. The blood vessels in the testicle are suppressed, the blood circulation in the testis ceases.Death of the testis can be prevented if the test is halted in time. As a result, the testicle is reversed to its original position and locked in this position to prevent recurrence of twisting. Unfortunately, if the patient shows up late and the testis is dead, we have to remove it. You got it. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that the same pattern does not occur in other testes. It should also be remembered that this phenomenon can occur not only in adolescence but also in newborns, and in such cases, the baby can be carried out for a day.

A twist on the testicles of the testicles

This disease has a relatively more favorable course than the three listed above and has a lower risk in terms of consequences. The testicles are joined to the upper pole of the testis, approx. 0.5-1 cm long, 1-2 mm wide, which has no physiological significance, but when twisted it is very painful, and the symptoms, complaints can be mimicked by the loss of the carrot. It removes a minor burden and the child is absent from the hospital for the next few days.

Acute chest inflammation

Acute chest inflammation occurs as a result of bacterial infections, especially in adolescents. The symptoms described above for which Generally, a fever is connected. The swelling is very high. Treatment: Strict bed rest, shaking, broad spectrum antibiotic. Resting to full healing is necessary, because if the chest inflammation does not completely heal, scarring of the semen may occur due to scarring.Цsszefoglalva:
It is very important to have the child promptly taken for pediatric urologic examination in case of testicular pain so that the treatment can be terminated in time. You should apply for an examination on an empty stomach as you may need to have an immediate surgery. When a child is taken off on time, we can be sure that a successful operation can save the testicular's vitality and ensure complete healing.