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That's how homeopathy was born

That's how homeopathy was born

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The history of homeopathy began two years ago when a doctor came up with the idea of ​​trying to treat symptoms rather than prescribing medication for the disease. Sickness will go away on its own.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that applies the principle of similarity. As a matter of principle, every drug is only suitable for the treatment of symptoms that you are able to treat yourself. Even though the Hippocrates, some 2500 years ago, mentioned the principle of "similar to heal the similar," the father of homeopathy is not considered any more, Christian-Samuel Hahnemann chemical toxicologist who developed this idea further as a medical doctor at the University of Leipzig in the 18th century. end of the century.
Hahnemann was a successful physician, but was relieved of the age-old medical practice that considered screening to be the most effective treatment. Praxisa has found that herbal medicine is underdeveloped, and more than just cure her, but it also makes people sick. Х He wanted to give his patients something different.

You were your first experiment

However, there were some drugs that were already being used with good efficiency. One was quinine, which I have used for centuries to treat malaria. But no one could say how it worked. Hahnemann then began his experiment. He thought that if he were to take large quantities of the drug, it would be in vain for his whole body to produce malaria-like symptoms such as chills, high fever, and yeast. The experiment was successful, and she encouraged her family and friends to observe the effects of more than one. So the list of drugs and symptoms slowly increased. He realized that if, for example, someone was taking a belladonnan, his mouth would dry out, his face flush, and, alternately, he would feel crushed and livid. After consuming Belladonna, these symptoms indicate poisoning. But if the patient has a cold and is experiencing the same symptoms, a homeopathic medicine called Belladonna will be able to help him, and his symptoms will go away quickly. The white locust (Veratrum album) causes severe diarrhea in large doses. But in the case of gastric disruption, the use of low dose therapy alleviates the above symptoms.

Too much value - the little is ineffective

The system was ready here, but this is not Hahnemann's greatest discovery, but its potential. It turned out that the amount of medication given to the patient was very difficult to control. If someone gets a large dose of it, their symptoms will only intensify. However, by faith, the agent is considered to be weaker and less effective. The solution is to potentialize, that is, to heat up the materials. This means that you have to shake the glass of the agent very vigorously on each occasion during each section of the rehab. The healing power of the fluids contained in it is increasing dramatically, despite the fact that homeopathic remedies produce such a belief that not a single molecule of the original substance is present in the solution. This is the reason why most homeopathic remedies are made of naturally poisonous substances, and the effects of rigging and rubbing do not cause any toxic effect or cause side effects. Only the incinerated energy remains in the solution.