Rhizome, the new birth control device

Rhizome, the new birth control device

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Longitudinal Safe and Effective Choice of Hormone-Free Fertility Contraceptives after the Copper-Containing Spiral (more commonly known as Loop) has been extended in our country to several more countries in Western Europe.

Rhizome, the new birth control deviceIts specialty is the shape-reminiscent metal, nitinol, which, compared to the spirals used to date, allows for a completely new form, thus reducing the adverse effects experienced with conventional spirals.

What is IUB Rice?

The IUB Rice Ring is a contraceptive device similar to a spiral. THE when placed in the abdomen, it is hormone-free from unintentional pregnancy to full year.Development of the device took 8 years together with clinical trials. "The goal was to develop a hormone-free and humane fertility alternative that any woman of any age can use it. After all, about 15% of the users have problems with the spirals currently in use, the main reason being that these devices are often too large for an old man, and their shape is suboptimal, "he said. dr. Ilan Baram, the inventor of the product. The IUB Rice Ring is a special shape memory made from nitinolwhich has been used in medicine for making implants. The special metal, on which 17 beads are strung, is coated with a white polymer layer to prevent possible allergic reactions. Thus, the rosary is spherical in the abdomen, and has no sharp edges or probes, as traditional T-shaped spirals.

This is how the IUB Rice Shop works

After application, the bead will release a very small amount of copper into the belly for up to 5 years. These released regions reduce the motility of the human germ cells in the uterine cavity, thus inadvertently inducing fertility.

How is the IUB Rice Rig installed?

A hormone-free rosary it is put in the womb by a nonsense specialist. The best time to do this is during the last days of menstruation or 6 weeks after birth because the ovaries are more open. Even unborn women may need support for the cervix. Prior to insertion, the recommended tests for the cuneiform should be performed. Now you can place the tool in the uterus with the help of a guide tube, where you will immediately start to work. To find out exactly how the rosary is located in the womb, here is a video:
8 to 12 weeks after the application, an ultrasound check is made to see if the copper ring is in the right place. After all these, one year is enough for a check on femininity.

Who is the IUB Rice Bag recommended for?

Basically, hormone-free conception may be suitable for anyone. A customized council is worth turning to.
For people who are just as rarely allergic to copper or disturbed in their metabolism. Suffering from Wilson's disease, rosacea is not recommended. It should also not be used for those who have pelvic infections, unclean hemorrhages, cervical infections, cervids, or lungs. For all of these, and for any other issues that may arise, it is worth consulting with a woman.

What is the cost of IUB Rice?

The products are available at for more information. The product should be shipped to the physician in unopened sterile packaging for the purpose of application, on recommendation of a small pack. Apart from IUB Rings, there may be other costs associated with product placement, provided this is done within your own medical care.

What are the side effects of "Rice Rings"?

Slight bleeding may occur in the first few days after application. In addition, cramps and pain can occur. After a few days these symptoms usually go away and the menstrual cycle is normal. You can read more about rare side effects at 6 Reasons to Choose a "Rice Bag":
  • hormone-free protection
  • 5 years old
  • it works immediately after installation
  • has the same efficacy as the tablet
  • well tolerated
  • productivity is restored immediately after removal
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