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Albert Schweitzer Kуrhбz, Hatvan

Albert Schweitzer Kуrhбz, Hatvan

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The newlyweds can relax in the well-equipped children's unit.

When we arrive, we call the head doctor for birth, which is why the chief financial officer, Margit Palnyczné Hornyбk take care of us.
- Our in-house training course is partly run by a defender in Gyöngyönn who will also be willing to answer questions. The father's birth requires that each member of the couple attend at least one visit to the family room. The newborn is flushed, put on her mother's belly for a minute, followed by the dripping, squinting, eye dropping, and smoking. Afterwards, they spend two parents together in the parent's room, and then the baby moves to the newborn class.
Babies need to adapt, which takes time, so watch them. Children's cribs come to us. They allow you to have a mother and baby together on your birthday. If your baby is baby and hasn't lost her baby in a congenital birth, she may be breastfeeding in the living room. After cesarean section, the mother is in the guardhouse through 24 ounces, the baby is taken to her, but she is only breastfed on the next day because the mother cannot lift her head. In the meantime, you will get sugary water in the class. Tens of seventy milliliters are poured into the baby bottle at once.
- We're trying to breastfeed mothers - that's it Judit, the infantryman says. - If the babies are very crying, we will feed them once with a little formula. We also give reassurance if you need it, and we also recommend it to moms.
The returning chief doctor, dr. Lцvey Jбnos she shows her birth room and tells me that her birth number is at a whopping 100 years.
- Currently, there are so many doctors working in our family who are having a bad mood, and our two colleagues are helping. I leave them to work, and I support their work in a consultant style. We strive to give birth more naturally and actively, but there is also the potential for pain relief. We started delivering only after week 41. Good cubs are the way to get pregnant, even if you have a CTG or infusion. We want to boost the specialist, and we have raised our personal and professional standards. Our plans for the refurbishment of the bedroom and the living room are on the table.
Facts and figures:
Yearly birth number: 387
The cuttings ratio is 34 percent
There is a two-seater living room, the beds are separated by a screen.
Purple wall, ball to help with the trouble, you can shower, listen to music.
Parenting is possible.
There is a pregnancy pathology.
There's a razor, but they're talking to the little ones about getting the shaving around the barn.
If time is up, you will be notified.
Let's call for barrier protection.
One part of the children's room (2 single and 1 three) has a living room-in-room, and the other part (2 quadruples) operates in a traditional system.