Slovenian-Croatian Circle with Kids and TentsWorking in the Low Season!

Slovenian-Croatian Circle with Kids and TentsWorking in the Low Season!

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How did you go on vacation? Our response to the request (to go to Slovenia, to Croatia, to the beach, and to the tent) was met with a warm welcome among our friends and friends. The majority found the idea a hair-drier. It's super!

Slovenian-Croatian circle with little ones, tent

Total distance covered by car: 1600 km
Contributors: Papi, Mommy, our four-year-old Balzs, and our seven-month-old Andrew son, and friends with their four-year-old little boy, BálinttalSttoros tóra beachfront, and little kids ?! Yes! Many people think that camping is too nomadic, not very comfortable, and not at all with small children, even with just a week or so. We can say for sure that the view is bold. Of course, careful organization is essential here too. The high-quality - but affordable - campsites we turned around to fulfill every need. Most of them had a bathing pool for children and even babies. Slovenian villages led us to the Triglav National Park. The first stop on our trip was Bled. Upon arrival, the crystal clear waters of the Bled River welcomed us, with gentle swans and ducks along the coast. In the middle of you was a small island with a church where we visited the children and our friends. The other day we visited the Vintgar Gorge. Here, together with the children, we traversed the 1.6 kilometer section of the hills along the end of the Radovna River to the waterfall. In the crystal clear water we could observe fishes. We then proceeded to the Perilin waterfall, which is actually two waterfalls, because one higher and one smaller water flows under each other. Another interesting thing about waterfalls is that you can save yourself. The rain was just the same, so everyone wore waterproof clothes, so the water falling from the water was no problem at all. The third day we visited Bohinj. It is the largest lake in Slovenia, beautiful, wild, fjord-like in the Triglav Mountains. Its water is clear, deep, plump and cold. We first set off with a modern cable car to Mount Vogel, which offered a magnificent view of Bohinj. Then, in a spontaneous action, we hit a peak at a certain height. Andras was "carrying" here, and the two four-year-old boys got upstairs, sometimes with some fruit, where they were pushed forward to move on. We can eat cheese made from "real alpine cow" milk on the mountain. We climbed down the mountain and climbed to Savica Waterfall, which was led by foot through 550 steps. On the fourth day we dismantled the canopy and traveled to the mountains of Kobarid. In the meantime, we stopped at a hot spot along the Tolminka stream, where the Tolminka and Zadlađica streams flow. This place turned out to be one of the most beautiful states on our journey. We have found beautiful natural phenomena, wild gorges, rocky rocks, small piles in the middle, hanging bridges (to walk on or just to bathe in the water), a pumice. In Cobarid we re-set the tent and then watch the mysterious Kozjak water. Here again we hover over the river Soya (Isonzу), then bend over the forest trunk to reach the Kozjak riverbed, where you can find a place where you can find something on the rock walls. challenging conditions. We also talked with us about history, as the beautiful Soi River holds many sad memories. In the First World War, the bloodiest battles between the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the Italians (the Doberdoy Plateau, the Caporetto Plateau). First we traveled to the waterfall, which collapses from a depth of 106 meters (about the height of a thirty-story house). We got two of us across the narrow narrow forest passage through Iran. The little one slept in the carrier, tied to his daddy, while the bigger cats were enthusiastically walking up. Increasing their persistence, there were great prospects for water loss from several points and we could also see a great deal of small and large animals (small bugs, butterflies, grasshoppers) on the lake. We also saw a heart in the water at the top of the water peak. From here, we took us to another exciting place, the Soya River hot spring. Here I was wondering if you could have five with the kids, because the translations made the space uncomfortable. She said it was obvious that the part of the tide beyond the stairs was not accessible to the little ones, because with the help of the wires in the wall, the only way to reach the source of the Soiya was to cling to it. So, taking care of the children, only we, the adults, viewed the spring.
On our way home, we made a short detour into the Mlinarica Gorge, where the water led to a very nice waterfall on the shore of a steep water stream, and in the middle we could drink fresh spring water that had nothing to do with it. Balzzs almost spit out the spilled water, his happy little cheek was very funny. On the sixth day we set off for Croatia, dropping the stalactite cave in Postojna. Nobody misses it when you come in. The cave is so huge that it brings an electric iron into the depths. In the middle, you may think that you have fallen into a fairy tale. You can admire the millions of forms of huge stalactites. An unforgettable experience (especially for the kids with the small ferry). We went to Croatia in the evening and spent the next three days here, kind of conducting. Sunbathing, bathing, pebbling, playing in the hottest umbrellas under the sun, dining in the evening, ice cream, and spending time out. The kids would love to go every day to the restaurants where we had seafood in the fridge. We always like to analyze them; there were flounder, red lobster, scab, a lot of sea fish. Well yes, we have to decide what we want with our children and what kind of future we want for them. They are like sponges. They are open to everything, capable of absorbing anything. Just a request for what to add. Things, attractions, adventure? It is indeed not easy, not a small mistake, to organize and conduct such a trip, but it is no small task at home to take down the free drugs of our children. Then why don't we kill him and make us all feel good? Because he will! The beauty of the happy eyes, the glittering eyes, the children are proud of themselves, if they are able to reach something of an eye for happiness, trouble with rocking in love! Most of the night he was done with fairy tale reading, but it really happened that we didn't even need to blink two of them, our older son slept in the tent just right, wrapped in his little sleep, full of my day. It's so cool to stroke your happy little cheek this time! And no baby is unbelievable! With porting you get a sense of security, you can suck wherever and whenever you can, we try to give her the most of the opportunity, but if not, she is ready to go. It's not always easy to get started!Related articles:
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