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Switching to less sugar brings lightning fast improvements

Switching to less sugar brings lightning fast improvements

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Reducing your added sugar intake can improve the metabolic results of obese children in as few as nine days without having to lose or lose calorie intake, according to an American study.

Reducing your sugar intake will produce quick results

The University of California, San Francisco Member Institute (UCSF) and a study by researchers at the University of California, Touro, appeared in the Journal of Obesity. Scientists have found that with a reduced sugar content regimen for as long as nine days, symptoms of chronic metabolic syndrome can be reversed, among others, high cholesterol and high blood pressure - according to the Science Daily scientific portal. They intensify the heart disease, childbirth and diabetes kockбzatбt. There have also been cases in children - type 2 diabetes mellitus, non-alcoholic liver enlargement - that are also dependent on the metabolic syndrome and have not been studied in children before 18 years. They selected those who had at least one symptom of the metabolic syndrome. The recipients provided their diets for nine days, limited the amount of sugar, but also added the same amount of fat, white, carbohydrates, and calories as replaced by bread. They served "children's men", such as turkey sausage hotdog bought in a local shop, pizza but did not buy candied cereal, jam or sweetened yoghurt. If they did, they were given more, low-sugar food. Jean-Marc SchwarzResearcher at the University of Touro, author of another study in the study. It took just nine days for all participants to improve their metabolic health, and fasting blood glucose levels by 5 points, and insulin levels in children.Related Articles:
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