Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Gymnastics - Water Therapy for Development (HRG)

Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Gymnastics - Water Therapy for Development (HRG)

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Utilizing the fun effects of water, HRG helps children with impaired mobility and psychomotor development.

Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Gymnastics - Water Therapy for DevelopmentHydrotherapy Rehabilitation Gymnastics (HRG) Katalin Lakatos (PhD) is a rehabilitation procedure in lukewarm water that has been performed since 1994 and which can effectively complete dry therapy. the therapist chooses the tasks according to the child's level of organic maturity and nervous system development.

Who is recommended for HRG?

For children who have seen the daylight prematurely, who are physically handicapped or speech impaired, hyperactive, and have attention deficit problems, HRG can do a great job. Szintйn йrdemes this mуdszert kiprуbбlni iskolaйretlensйg, йrzelmi-kцtхdйsi йs beilleszkedйsi problйmбk esetйn or rйszkйpessйg-interference kьszkцdх йs "ьgyetlen" children fejlesztйsekor.A HRG terбpiбt autism, Asperger szindrуma йs йrtelmi akadбlyozottsбg esetйn may be, is preferred HRG has hatйkonyan there is also a special tubing program (the so-called baby HRG) that can help premature babies and babies who are 3 to 6 months late in development.

Benefits of HRG

The HRG water is a fun medium and a special exercise in water, the child senses space, fluid, but hearing, vision, and skin change. The buoyancy of water makes movement easier, but its resistance to the midriff makes it impossible to do on dry land. while also providing an ideal environment for a breathtaking number. Among the benefits of water therapy, it should be noted that foot and arm work are equally secure.

Examinations prior to HRG

Every HRG developer is thoroughly tested. Neural sensory-motor examinations help mapping the child's nervous system, identifying deficiencies, and profiling existing abilities. Based on this, the HRG training is planned for the child, which is adapted to the current level of maturity. HRG groups have a maximum of 4-6 persons and are defined by the same nervous maturity level of the children.

This is how HRG therapy takes place

The therapy itself begins with a habit of water, the purpose of which is for the child to become accustomed to the new medium, to the groups that surround him, to accept his education, and to develop his capacity for co-operation. For the first time, the explicit goal is to make the child feel safe.The purpose of the therapy development of appropriate nervous system pellets and confirmation of these stings. They provide the basis for normal motion, breaking the curved patterns. This is what this technique does to practice correct, high repetition, correct rhythm, and movement. Acquiring.6 Playful tasks with singing and rhymes dominate over the age of six, because the rhythm, coordination, and parenting are deeper, more intense and deeper. They use a number of tools (balls, rings, water board, surfboard, skateboard, water pike, rope, etc.). The tools also help you get started from the easier tasks to the harder ones. In therapy groups, the parents also stay in the pool and are active participants in the therapy, which means following the guidelines of the practitioner, they carry out the tasks together with their children. with a predefined drawing help - they practice with the child.

Positive effects of HRG therapy

The HRG method has a positive effect on normalizing the nervous system under the cortex. Therapy can help improve the complexity of movement and, in parallel, improve attention, task, speech, integration, and thought processes.You know!
Because there is a risk of poorly trained and poorly trained exercise patterns, it is extremely important that the therapy is performed by a properly trained person. It is a good idea to stay informed about parenting advice or to become an official therapist at the therapy!Related articles in the development topic:
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