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No more shortage due to the increased parental certificate frame

No more shortage due to the increased parental certificate frame

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The Association of Pediatricians at Home brought to its attention a February issue of school deficiencies. The three-day certification system encourages parents and pediatricians to lie.

There are schools where the parents can justify three daysThose who have children know exactly that they do not have to go to the doctor for all illnesses; Schools, however, expect parents to have a medical certificate, not counting them as responsible, competent people. And the parent rushes to the doctor, who confirms the lack, most often without seeing the child. Unnecessary waiting rooms, unreasonable physician-parent, physician-patient meetings burden the system, wasting time and energy on those who really need to see a doctor.This is why days. This practice is widespread, there is no legal obligation for schools to do so, with each school setting its own schedule to justify how many days a parent year. And while parents and doctors have been pushing schools to change their practice for a while, few schools have their own rules. The 24th is now introducing two schools where the practice has changed. At first, the director of a Pomegranate school decided that parents could justify 15 days instead of 3. The Sashegyi Sбndor Бltalбnos School, Gimnбzium йs Rendйszeti Szakkцzйpiskolбban 2017 dцntцttek the ъjнtбsrуl, нgy idйn September of you have already mбsodik tanйvet kezdtйk the kibхvнtett szabadsбgkerettel - use the large sheet of Koppбny Lбszlуnй igazgatуtуl learned that the hiбnyzбsok szбma same as Before 2017, anyone who hasn't missed a lot so far, and one who wasn't a notary, still is. Parents, on the other hand, are sick, as are Pombrian doctors: the number of dumb medical certificates has fallen. The administrator would have given the parents about 30 more days, but the colleague has already said so. Parents also gave feedback to the school that they would be trusted. They don't even go back to the situation, so much so the majority does not make use of the 15 days.
The Pomezia director doesn't understand why other schools are so attached to old practice. "They dare to climb. There are reasons why, but then how much will the child miss? They generally do not miss you more. Those who go to school well will also do well. "According to the director, it would be reprehensible for the ministry to get a concrete statement from the ministry, because very number of certificates: 10 days a year can be verified by the parents. - says Tivadar Farkas, who added that although not all educators in the educational community agreed to increase the number of days that could be justified, . "The rends zer absolutely working well, parents were keen to pay attention to our needs. The number of failures has not increased, the overwhelming majority of parents do not return to the situation "- summarizes the experiences of the past year. He added that, of course, Tivadar Wolf said that the educational body must step out of its comfort to make such a decision, and that most of the schools are not tooth yet. the three day system is based on customary law as it is nowhere in the lawthat only days can be justified by the parents.
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