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How Much Faith Hasn't Hurt the Baby?

How Much Faith Hasn't Hurt the Baby?

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Weekly records have been set by gay, and all moms are asked how many degrees of baby can be taken at all, and what can we do to make it a little more bearable?

The baby and the war

There is no unambiguous idea about how many babies can be taken out, but it is important to be clear that the temperature is above 26-27 degrees, as the newborns' household is imminent in the first 6 weeks, we can't cool our bodies down enough. (In the coming months and years, their health is more unstable than that of adults, but activity is gradually evolving.) They can get sunburn much sooner than older children or adults. Not to mention that they can be easier to dry out. Of course, you can't spend the whole summer in your home (not worth it), but if possible, Newborns do not go outdoors for longer than 27 degrees. And if an official warning about fidelity is issued, be sure to stay home! Otherwise, stay awake for up to 10 hours and 5 to 5 hours for duluths. When staying outdoors in hot weather, always check your baby's temperature. To do this, examine the neck, nape, tummy (not the hands or forehead).Symptoms of overheating may include: reddish cheeks, sagging, undercoat, lethargy, impotence. If your baby is very sleepy, sleeps a lot, and / or dries on your skin, you should seek medical help immediately to prevent overheating and the development of hot flushes:

1. Stay in the neighborhood!

The shady places are also a bit cooler, so it's best to always have something small looking for a sheltered place from day one. We should also cover reflective sunlight!

2. Move the little one according to the weather!

Up to 20 degrees up to six weeks, you don't need a thick blanket in your stroller, and in high heat first cover with a cotton diaper a little bit. Avoid bulky, plush garments and prefer good-ventilated cotton. Choose light-colored, loose-fitting, lightweight clothing and don't forget the sun-flared, wider-flared cap.

3. Ensure proper fluid purification!

In the case of newborns, it is important to make sure that the baby produces the same amount of pee pelts as it did in the past (2-3 ounces wet). Breast-feeding babies can be breast-fed more often than usual, and infant formula babies are also offered water with food after meals and two meals. Older children, who tend to forget about drinking when playing games, should also be regularly reminded of flux. In addition, the let's not forget to hydrate our own body (breastfeeding may decrease the amount of breast milk if we do not drink enough)!

4. Lubricate the baby with sun milk over the age of 6 months!

It is not recommended to smear infants with sunscreen regularly before the age of half, which also makes us not go with us for a day. However, if it turns out to be a little skin on the sun, Factor 50 with physical transmitters be sure to lubricate the child's face and body parts.

5. Do not use for cleaning the stroller or car carrier.

Even a cloth made from Muslim material can cause a rise in the stroller that is not safe anymore, and even if the baby is not well. Ezйrt rather use a car-mounted umbrella or sunblind. And avoid the sunshine.

6. If you carry, let's be more careful!

Whenever we make a little effort on our own, it's important to know that our let's bring our body into the baby too. That's why a layer of cool, loose clothing is enough for us and the little ones. Take care of the baby (and breastfeed frequently) for ourselves and the baby. And in high heat, water in a sprinkler can also do a good job of cooling the baby. Instead of the thick, darker colors, we choose lighter, thinner material on summer.

7. Get ready for the ride!

You do not need to move your child in the car. Because it is tightly tied, it can warm up easily, so a thin layer of clothing is just enough. No need for footwear or hats. Let's make sure that even the hot days do not hit the little head during the car. If this is the case, use a window mount. And most importantly: never leave the baby in the car not even a few minutes, as tragedy can happen very easily!

8. Wipe the small skin against hot flashes.

If the baby has tiny little red bumps, we have a high rate of heat bumps. The best solution to this is to leave the affected area many times free of "breathing" without clothes. Swing dust should be avoidedbecause it can even get into the baby's lungs if it is inhaled. If the little one is scratching a lot and the party is spreading, make sure you show the kid to the doctor!Related Articles:
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