Poci gardens the story of Gyarmati Viki

Poci gardens the story of Gyarmati Viki

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In the fairy tale for the week, Poci in the garden learns about the colorful wing gardeners who conjure flowers.

We woke up to sunbath. Circus clouds were rising in the air, and a beautiful scent of flowers was in the air. Mom and Dad both decided to talk to the garden patrons. Poci - the blond-haired, chestnut-eyed little boy - would never have thought they were hanging out in the garden.
- Come on, I'll introduce you to the genders! Dad gave birth.
With a curiosity never seen before, Poci set off in front of the patio door.
- Wait, we need to pick up our garden clothes first to get to know us - the other Mom. - Apostle asks for garden clothes, he is really familiar in the Secret Wardrobe!
- Secret Cabinet? Poci asked in wonderment.
- Come on, I'll show you! Dad started over the garage. Tommy's tiny, fast-paced footsteps beside his father. He was very, very curious, for he could never look into the beautifully carved, wardrobe. But for now, Dad opened his door, and in the midst of a lot of lime, the mysterious garden clothes had really escaped.
- Get up quickly to get us to know the genders! Dad said. Pocira was a bit big on the garden trunk, but it didn't really matter now. My father and I went to the garden.
Mom is waiting for her.
- Come on! Everyone is here! - He told.
- You don't see anyone! Poci whispered hardly. Dad stroked Poci's boxing and started telling stories.
Each plant has a living room. They look, hear, and feel just like humans, but they only appear to those who take care of their dresses. Lбtod? All plants survive if we do not water them, care for them, they are scattered. If you take care of the garden, the patrons are happy and smiling, and each of these beautiful flowers conjures up flowers among the leaves of the plants. Want to see flowers?
"I want to," said Poci impatiently.
We need to reassure the patrons first to see and nurture our plants, ”Dad said. - Look, you should. Dad loosened the ground a little, pushing the weeds out. Mom watered the plants. In the meantime, they both spoke fondly to the generals, who were silently watching to see if they were taking good care of their plants.
- Do you want to water too? Mother asked Pocit.
- Yes! Watering! the little boy said, for he was exactly what he was expecting. It was probably the most exciting in gardening.
Poci diligently watered the thirsty plants, paddled and laughed big with Mom and Dad. The little dagger to loosen the ground, the pruning collar to cut off the dry twigs, the rake to cut the leaves together were avoided. Poci's favorite was the yellow watering can. True, the grandparents hadn't seen them yet, but Mom and Dad had told them that if we watered the plants every day, the colorful, hottest grandparents would soon smile. And their smile will conjure up lots of colorful flowers in the garden.