Ansi Marsi's little son creatively uses the world

Ansi Marsi's little son creatively uses the world

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Famous moms have just as much trouble as everyone else. Parenting, parenting and returning to work are just as easy for them. That's what Ansi Marsi told us.

In the pictures, I find that William is very balanced.
- That's really it. But besides equilibrium, there is another important feature, very determined! It expresses what you want and what you don't want.
With your head, Stay with Laszlo You've moved to Siof. What's it like to live there?
- Very good, I really like it. William has a lot of outdoors, he wakes up in the summer and goes out into the garden in the morning. She was heavier, not cold. She was taught by her father to move in, and I missed it, but I see that the two of them dress up masculine.
Are you holding your son tight?
- I'm not going all out - if you think about it. If you jump into a pond or a pile of paddocks, do it. You have to try things out, I can't stop you from discovering your surroundings. Of course, you can't do everything you want. He uses the world creatively, and as long as it's not dangerous, I don't get into it. There are some things that you need to try to be clearer with.
Can you talk to him about things?
- Yes, that's how William finds a compromise. Kids do a lot more than we think. There is no need to judge us, to speak properly, and to try to express their lusts and delusions. For example, at one time, William liked to open the dingy door and dodge it.
I can ask him things, he accepts if I can't take him somewhere else, like his grandmother.
Are you kids?
- We go to music chicks, and I really enjoy that, and I know that Vilmos also needs a company. She also loves children very much.
She was a fit mother. Did you make it easier for your parent to train before pregnancy?
- I like to run, exercise a lot, exercise during my pregnancy, until Vilmos got it hard, I didn't try to run. On the day of the birth, I didn't feel like I should have a birth, but I believed my doctor, who said he would become a child today. He was right. Childbirth is very painful for me, I didn't think it would be such a pain!
Was it easy to get back to work?
- No. But it had been working for me for some time, and it was good that my bosses had the idea that I'd have to go back to the screen. Like all moms, I'm full of doubts about whether I'm doing my job well. I also wonder if I did well that I went back to work two days after William was one year old. It's a bit hard to accept that I don't put my son up every night, but he's in good hands, and my mother and Laci can do it all perfectly.
You've been working for several months now. How did William get used to this new lifestyle and agenda?
- William takes good care of the obstacles. The two days we don't spend because of my work seem to be perfectly smooth in life. Which, of course, is no wonder, because in this case, besides her grandmother, her dad still spends most of his time at home with him.
Your head is busy. How much can you get out of childcare?
"My dear good lord is not only a very good man, but a very normal, caring father." We really love each other with Vilmos and Laci tries to spend as much time as possible with her baby boy. Of course, he is a family, so he has to work. But if you are at home, you are not only in the body, but you are concentrated hundreds of us.Date of birth, place:
July 05, 2006, Budapest, II. s. This is the Clinic.
Birth weight, length:
3120 gr, 51 cm
When did it start spinning?
- I remember, around 3-4 months old.
When did you start to swim, to swim?
- About 6 months old.
When does your first tooth come out?
- He died 9 months ago when his first tooth was discovered.
When did you start getting up?
- Six and a half months later we had to grab his hands and demand that we go! Then I became a little deríkfбjуs… :)
When did you start coming?
- When first unsteady and without help and started, it was a year and 3 weeks! He's been running two hours!
The first words?
- No, candle, chandelier, tractor, car, mom, dad, mom, hi.
What is your favorite jewel?
- Soup, and so on. She doesn't like love so much.