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Cataract: Symptoms and Treatments in Children

Cataract: Symptoms and Treatments in Children

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Cataract is a disease associated with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi and increased production of the valves.

Cataract: Symptoms and Treatments in ChildrenInflammation of the catarrh is the inflammation of the bronchi, which is the case most of them are viral infections, rarely, atypical bacterial pathogens (such as Chlamydia pneumoniae or Mycoplasma pneumoniae), and very rarely, atypical bacterial pathogens can cause 100% preventable, but as well as to begin treatment of the established cataract as soon as possible. In case of chronic complaints, regular medical check-up, care and advice on the use of a preventive agent may help to reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms.

The cataract

The most common types of cataract, also called bronchitis, are acute bronchitis and obstructive bronchitis.
They have inflammation in both cases, with increased production of the pharynx, and inflammation of the mucous membrane. scarcity develops in the Hurghians. Due to the shortness, the patient has difficulty in breathing the air, and it is difficult to eliminate the shortness and the accumulation of urticaria. , constitutional stuff is also needed. This explains why some children have viral infections and obstructive symptoms in almost all viral infections. In this case, fever, feverish, no prior look, the baby may be jolly, smiling, but drowning. In this case, especially if the infant is receiving cow's milk formula, the potential for allergy to cow's milk is raised. There are atypical children who are prone to allergic sensitization and, in such cases, often have allergic factors (pollen, house dust mite, fungus, lupus and rare food allergies) and colorectal cancer.

Symptoms and events of cataract

In the case of cataracts, infants and children exhale the air by force, their gaze is opened, and in a state of advancedness, there is a slight sense of difficulty. Listening to her lungs whispers, whispers, this is the voice of how air flows through the narrow, and the voters also have to try to get through and get out of the narrow hills. The child often suffocates, claws, dysentery, feels like he is moving, but still can not cure the urine. . In this case, it does not count for forced glare, glare, spark glare. The gyulladбs kцvetkeztйben accumulates in the hцrgхkben vбladйk hallhatу hand over tьdх mindenkйppen figyelmeztetх hallgatуzva.A szьlх szбmбra your child kнnzу, fojtу, szбraz kцhцgйse, rapid lйgzйse the megnyъlt kilйgzйs or if the lйgvйteleknйl kilйgzйs sorбn sнpolбs hallhatу, йs the levegхt kifelй the prйseli gyermek.Amennyiben the nehйzlйgzйs you have already created, it lйgzйs kцzben the kйt behъzуdбs figyelhetх your collarbone kцzцtti rйsben, also behъzуdik during the legalsу bordaнvek the child's chest йs the bordakцzi rйsekben behъzуdбs lбthatу lйgzйsnйl.Ha increased aktivitбsnбl, szaladgбlбsnбl elsбpad child йs szьrkйssй vбlik your skin, the symptoms may indicate a very serious condition: they indicate that your oxygen supply is inadequate. Such symptoms should promptly be sought by a physician and the child should not be allowed to increase physical activity, run, or jump, as this may impair his or her health. There may also be a warning sign for the parent if the child's speech changes, she gasps for breath during her speech.The development of catarrhal disease depends on the particular disease that causes the symptoms, on the genetic genetics, and on the treatment or rejection of the clinician. In the case of recurrent, completely unhealed and untreated catarrhs, chronic inflammation of the catarrh is persistent, which, in the long term, causes the development of small-tissue tissues, and may lose their elasticity and small size. Due to the accumulated and unchallenged expectations, a cervical plug may develop, which in turn causes atelectasia, impingement of the lung's airway, in some areas of the lungs. Existing chronic inflammation can also cause pneumonia.

Diagnosis and treatment of otitis media

To diagnose the disease, observation of the symptoms and a thorough physical examination are sufficient, so that the home doctor can do so, not only in the case of pneumonia.In children, the treatment of cataracts is carried out in the daily practice. However, the disease appears frequently advised for a baby testin order to rule out other illnesses with similar clinical symptoms and possibly a developmental abnormality in the background. In addition, it is the responsibility of the pediatric nursing to assess when to begin to reduce the frequency and severity of the recurrence symptoms, which should be given daily to the child. In the case of frequent, recurrent so-called recurrent obstructive bronchitis, the infant and child should be taken for medical care and monitored every 3 months.
In the case of acute bronchitis, which is not accompanied by rapid onset of the nose, adequate nasal discharge, dissolution of the cervix, duckweed or salvus water tцrtйnх inhalбlбs sufficient.In the case of obstructive bronchitis, the first step is a hцrgtбgнtу adбsa. It is important to know that without dosing of cryopreserved, dandruff, whooping cough is not recommended in any case.In the case of retrospective obstructive catarrh, we apply a special anti-inflammatory treatment. Most often, an inhalation device is used to reduce inflammation locally, in the smallest parts of the body by inhalation, and in addition, when needed, acute erythrocytes are used.You know!
Cows' milk may also develop during allergy-induced obstructive bronchitis during breast-feeding. In this case, the mother's milk of cow's milk passes into breast milk, and this can cause the baby to develop an allergic mechanism.Specialist: Dr. ogyva Somogyi, Children's Allergy Center, BudaRelated articles in Hogwarts:
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