Before Easter, sure to come for GYES, family parties and GYET

Before Easter, sure to come for GYES, family parties and GYET

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In view of Easter, the April delivery of family benefits services and the bank transfer of the FYROM were also brought forward by the Hungarian State Treasury.

Among the family benefits provided by the Hungarian State Treasury are maternity support, family assistance (parenting / education support), child care (child care) support.

Even before Easter we receive the benefits of the families

With GYES, GYET, and family fun, the continuation is an afterthought. Please refer to the latest day of the following month for the current month, but this is not the same as the date of arrival. The delivery of postal delivery collateral is delayed up to 10 days at the latest.
This has now been changed for Easter - the March Family Benefits have all been updated by mail: March 30th, March 31st. Thus, before the Easter holiday, all the families will receive this benefit.

Money comes before Easter

Source: Hungarian State Treasury