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Do not give calcium for insecticide!

Do not give calcium for insecticide!

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With the arrival of colder weather, mosquitoes, flies, gulls and bugs are moving into our homes in search of refuge. During this period, the number of patients seeking medical treatment for various insect bites has increased.

Do not give calcium for insecticide!

Dr. Garaczi Edina According to the experience of a dermatological allergologist, the doctor of the Buda Allergy Center, the most problematic cause is the painfully swollen or infected drips.

Can I be allergic to tinnitus?

Insects (mosquitoes, ants, bugs, etc.) can contain enzymes in the gut that have a tissue-like action. This may result in extensive swelling, blistering or bleeding at insect stings or bites. Individual susceptibility to these insects is very different, but the occurrence of a true allergic reaction in these cases has not yet been demonstrated.

Mosquito or mocking?

A few minutes after mosquito bites, the skin becomes itchy, red, and swollen, with the middle of the canal most visible. Certain individuals may respond very sharply to drops, up to a 3-5 cm . The tongues are indeed milled or bitten, and may have small, bruised ulcers at the site. The bite of mosquitoes and flies causes a local reaction, usually does not occur after a bad mosquito bite, but in the case of multiple tufts, it can occur throughout the body.

Pooh or bed buggy?

Because both are "silent" and - especially bedding bugs - hard to spot, insects can be easily suspected if only the little ones left behind indicate that we are sharing an uninhabited home. Patients are often asked what insect we are facing, but in practice, unfortunately, we cannot distinguish it by its shape or size - explains dr. Garaczi Edina.If the skin at the pineal site is significantly swollen or the whole leaves a purple spot, then it is not possible to accurately distinguish whether one or two prints appear. In many cases, after nighttime drooping, only on the day before or at noon does the area become very itchy or swollen in the arm, foot, or business - all of this is true. Symptoms intensify for 2 to 3 days, and swelling only after the third day does not help to identify the insects accurately.

What can we do about prevention?

The traditional defense mode is a rovarhбlу (mosquito net), except for illуolaj blenders (eucalyptus, lavender) and skin-containing essential oils insect repellent sprays also effectively keep away mosquitoes and ticks. It is recommended to wear appropriate protective clothing for hiking and waterfront trips. It is worth asking for the help of insecticide companies that use special chemicals to eradicate microscopic size bedding in mattresses, upholstery.

When Do You Need Serious Medical Care for Insect Bites?

If you have skin, swelling, blisters on the palpebral area, or if you have small swelling around the body, it is worth consulting a doctor. day after - mainly due to scratching - the area becomes infected, possibly fever, malaise, then a secondary bacterial infection may occur, in which case a medical examination is also recommended. they are often responsive insects on the face, swelling of the forehead, pain in the face, swelling of the eyelids, or swelling of the hands or feet. These appear as alarming symptoms, but generally do not malign them. steroid creams are most effective, and antihistamines reduce itching and swelling. Calcium doesn't help in this case either!
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