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Does sex really change after childbirth?

Does sex really change after childbirth?

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Can vaginal birth bring home sexual life for a lifetime? Is cesarean section a good way to keep everything old, or is there another way?

Sex after childbirth - Will there be anything else?

According to one newsletter, in Brazil, 52 percent of women are more likely to have a cesarean section to avoid having to change their sexual lives after childbirth. They say that cesarean section is alive from this point of view. Sexual Life Saved.In England, after 2013, women can decide if they want a cesarean section. The number of pubescences has increased somewhat, but not dramatically. life-saving, inevitable complications in childbirth, or for the sake of protecting the mother or the baby, you need to we are definitely thinking of foreign fora, we also find some comments on this topic in Hungarian forums as well: "I don't want to lose my vagina during birth, it is very important to have good and satisfying sex with my husband. I have just read in a forum that a 25 (!) Woman complains that her vagina is open and not tight. neither is sex. "

Birth: a little anatomy

Certain things we do not know much about our body's postpartum condition. You can regain your original weight with a gym and diet, but you may not be able to regain your virgin shape. The degree to which the breasts sag, or the condition of the abdominal skin after carrying one or more children, depends on genetics. The vagina, on the other hand, is muscular, so like all other muscles, it can be hardened, ready for birth and regenerated afterwards.

Primary motivation: Fear

Andrea Kriston, the creator of the Kriston Intimacy Method, has tremendous growth and in the course of her above-mentioned course: Very strong motivation for not wanting to give birth because of their fears -And Andrea begins. trйningre. These symptoms only exacerbate their fears, as they only exacerbate the fear, if so, what will happen after birth?

There's an info-dumping

But what could be the reason why women have such a strong sense of fear that leads to birth and subsequent conditions? There used to be stories that women told each other, and there were few books, Andrea continues. Fearful people will look for the stories that underpin their fears to find the right reason to make a cesarean.

Fear affects everything

We have all experienced once we are in a stressful situation that our muscles are tense. Neither is it with the vaginal muscles, and the fear can cause the muscles of the canal to tighten. Pregnant women who cannot let go of their pre-natal hopes may be slower. You can expect this with a blade if your pregnant mother does not feel completely safe, tense, and tense, and can not let herself down, and she can almost drift into a position that she can fall into.

The vagina and the negative feelings

Hungarian women have mostly negative stories about their own vagina, but these can be described as supportive Andrea. This is how you can get ready for birth and that can lead to a good birthmark. And a good birth condition is much easier to regenerate sexually. A physically well-prepared birth canal will give your baby an easier path and will be much easier to regenerate after birth."When I was expecting my first baby, I had a complaint and so I went to a course" - tells Zsufi. "I did all the exercises during my pregnancy and always started as soon as I could. After the birth of my second son, he was in the hospital, carefully. I had no complaints."

Gauge or gauge protection?

A Kriston trainee survey was conducted on postpartum women, some with and without parturation. It turned out that women who were born with a cross-section had more unpleasant symptoms.We talk about cut muscle, the non-cut muscle is easier to recover - continues Andrea. But the lack of a gauge in itself does not guarantee that the goggle will work well. But it is important what we mean under protection. Massaging, nudging, or a couple of simple vaginal stretching sessions that are done at the end of the day can be inadequate and, in many cases, even harmful.

What is normal after birth, what is not?

It is also possible that a problem that can be corrected by a doctor may make the sex life unpleasant after childbirth. There may be anatomical abnormalities that only a doctor can fix. These may include gauze fracture, improper suture suture, poorly sutured wound, uneven wound, and possibly remaining suture. If you have a symptom, the primary consideration is to see if there is anything to do.

10 weeks before, 10 weeks later: quarter of an hour is enough

After Kriston-trening, with 10 weeks of practice, a quarter of an hour, a well-rehearsed set of exercises, we can put ourselves in a fantastic position right up until childhood, and then have another 10-week, post-natal, like it ever was, says Andrea.

Sex: Snooze and Extra Pussies?

If a woman's body and soul are not regenerated after childbirth, they may need such practices. If the new mom can't do something about her birthright, she won't be able to spiritually fit into the intimate setting. In these cases, you may need additional practice. It is worth mentioning the fact that, for example, vaginal stigma can still be a problem after cupping and that congenital birth does not provide hardened vaginal muscles. More parenting articles HERE