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What do parents respond to first: a phone call or a baby call?

What do parents respond to first: a phone call or a baby call?

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The overwhelming amount of information on smartphones and tablets in the 21st century contaminates family dining, play time, evening investing, disrupts parenting and increases stress at home.

Modern parents and carers spend an average of 3 hours per day using gadgets, smartphones, and other communication devices, which has an impact on the parent-child relationship over an exorbitant and long-term basis. For example, due to the use of cell phones between parents, parents communicate less with their child, and if you want to attract attention, the parent will only be alert, not realizing that this is just a sign.Dr. Jenny Radesky, an associate professor of childhood development at the University of Michigan Medical School, involved 22 mothers, 9 fathers, and 4 grandparents. Although some parents have taken the positive side of things and said that this modern technology allows them to work from home at home, but it can also increase stress levels.

Technology is alive with family

Others, at home, have been the only way out of the daily use of communication devices. Radesky, who presented the results, believed that maintaining a new balance between technology and keeping good old family rituals generates a lot of tension in the family.

Radesky's advice for families

- Borders must be set. There is a need to define tool-free periods in family life and tool-free spaces in the home. And what's the biggest source of stress is checking emails or reading daily news.The results can be found in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.