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Typical victims are just toddlers who are familiar with jogging and jogging. They fall a lot, are still uncertain in their movements, and unfortunately, freshly released milk cartridges can also get frustrated. Do you know what to do then?


The fire is late Peti her mom stepped away from her breast for only a second, after she lifted the metal-drawn weekly carry carrier from her shoulder, which was stable. But Peti began to stretch out after Mom, and the next moment she fell to the ground. Her upper lip cracked, swollen in no time, and filled with blood. After only a few minutes, it appeared that, in the rain, the upper incisors were almost completely depressed on the little boy. the teeth are really "coming out" again, but the teeth on the remaining teeth may be damaged. That was exactly the case, the milk cobs were out again over time, but years later, white spots on the remaining teeth, tiny enamel bugs reminded me of the rain. Zsуfi he was pointing at his small engine when the front wheel stuck in something smaller, and he flew off the engine and just dropped his mouth. His upper incisors had moved away from the patches, his lips cracked, flowing in the blood streams. When the first fright subsided, and Zhufi did not cry so bitterly, his mother tried to breastfeed. Being aware that he could be very sensitive to the site of the bruising, he was rather careful, but breastfeeding was not only comforted. The teeth are nice weakly "massaged" back into their seats.The two and a half years Emma she ran like a sloop, but glanced backwards in the middle. So he was surprised by the appearance of the garden table. The heel had just hit one of its upper incisors, from which a large piece had fallen off. The children's teeth careful sanding and then suggested a brush. Grinding was necessary because of the sharp, sharp surface that caused Emma's mom to cry during breastfeeding.

Typical sources of danger

THE be accidents Scene parts can't be very much prevented, because it's not good to have your child permanently on track and try to protect them from all sorts of rain. It can not provide enough experience of safe movement, but it can also count on your opponent. But statutes and countless accidents show just how serious it must be to not leave a child alone in a place where he or she can fall. For example, Peti would have rescued the fright and pain and the enameling of the remaining teeth if her mom hadn't breastfeeded. toddlers and toddlers are typical victims of tooth accidents. The heads are relatively large in body shape, so when they fall, the head almost always gets inside, and often the teeth too. That is why inside corners of a dwelling, it makes sense to eliminate sharp corners at dangerous heights, and a corner kick is enough. In the new terrain, it's a good idea to stay on the trail for a while until you gain some security, or practice in your mind.You don't have to be warned once about common sources of danger, because you may not even be aware of it. But if, for example, you are sitting down and watching the swing, carousel, balance, and many times you show how to avoid it, why not go near it, if you know how much movement it makes, then it does. Especially for small game wildlife, it is a multi-alert warning about the rules of grooming.

What should we do if it happens?

The most important is that comfort the child. If you've calmed down a bit, gently wash your blood and dirt from your mouth and try to figure out what's smashed and by what amount. If you seem to have a problem with your teeth (this is not necessarily legal, displacements do not always appear, for example), it is advisable to consult a dentist, ideally a pediatric tooth, who will assess exactly how crippled your teeth are. The biggest problem with pain and infections is the bruising of remaining teeth What a long time The tooth remains sensitive And the bite, the bite, can be painful. Bites can heal, usually for a week, for spicy meals, or something that is not difficult to cook.

When a part of the tooth burns

In rare cases where intervention is needed, the dart part is either fixed or removed by the doctor.

When he pushes back into the net or moves

Although it would seem logical, it is usually not a matter of confirmation by the doctor, as this happens most often on its own, but it is a very painful operation in the freshly broken mouth.

If the tooth dies

For some injuries, the tooth stays in place but disappears, indicating that it is dead. In this case, depending on the type of brewing, it may take some time to open the root canal and to clean and brush.

When the tooth breaks out

In the event that you have more than one tooth affected but not all of them, your doctor will clarify with a dental x-ray whether the missing tooth is completely depressed or may have penetrated. In general, the point of no milk is restored.

Here you can relax

Admittedly, this is an English-language site, but it is the most informative and up-to-date information source on the Internet. You can find the full catalog of dairy dentures here. In the "description" menu you can also see the photo, the engraving sheet and the x-ray. Illustrative animations show the method of killing (you need to click on the "etiology" link). The "treatment" menu item tells you about treatment options.They may also be interested in:
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