Colds in toddlerhood

Colds in toddlerhood

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Young children who are just familiar with running and jogging, and who are inexorably pushed through, suffer a lot of bruising. Fortunately, there is rarely a major accident and little valuable experience in tumbling.

Blue-green patches everywhere

Because our heads are always big and heavy, most blue-green spots, pops and bloodshots are located here. If the diarrhea does not bleed, the pain caused by the bulge can be alleviated by cooling, cold compressing. Leave the litter on at least half the urn. There is no point in scrubbing or shaking, and the purple-colored coagulated blood cells are removed from the village "from time to time."
If there is any wound on the body, wash it off with running water. If it wounds, the wound is heavily bleed, and you should see a doctor as soon as possible (within six urns), because you cannot sew the wound again without cutting the wound edges. Home wound disinfection Hyperol solution hasznбljunk. Dissolve three tablets in a deciliter of water and pour it all over the wound at a slight radius or with a cotton ball. Don't look in the face! The red color is the lightness With Merbrom brush brush help me live.


In case of headaches Twenty-one watch over Urna the child, whether you have visual disturbances, insecurity, vomiting - if so, seek medical attention. Dangerous internal injuries occur very rarely at this age, but if your toddler has fallen on a bicycle handlebar, has a strong crack, or falls on concrete edges, you should think about it as well.
Kidney failure is indicated by blood in the urine, while the liver and the lips are more sneaky, and only after cavity can the stomach and swell appear after the rain. In cases of doubt, your doctor will use an ultrasound to determine if you have internal injury that requires intervention.
If necessary, Panadol syrup can be used to relieve pain, but homeopathic treatment can also be effective: Arnica C9-15of the fifteen minutes after the rain, give one ball three to three times, then one to three times a day three times a day.
Specialist: Dr. Etelka Korausz pediatrician

How do we deal with minor shootings?

Mothers know best how much brushing is done with a little bruising. If your baby is crying, take the pain seriously, and do not waste the sons. Let's stop sobbing sooner if we console them. However, it is not expedient to show great fright, because it makes the little ones even more frightened. Let's try to assess the situation and actually reduce the severity of the wound.

Smaller scratches and stains are commonplace at a certain age

Cooling can help relieve the pain of having a baby put up somewhere. We brew a little bruise, maybe wipe a wet handkerchief. If the head has a bulge, let's do a cold compress. Good service to the a thermo bag, in which pharmacy you can get the heated heater cap accessories. Never put green ice, ice cubes directly on the skin, as it can cause severe frostbite!
Wrap it in a terry towel or put it in a washcloth. It is also imperative to do cold water for a frustrated business, but first you need to make sure the business is up and there is no major problem. After shampooing, a cooling cream or painkiller may be applied, but only when the skin is covered. Clean the open wound first and apply a patch, possibly with a larger covering.
Let cold water or sterile cotton wool (light tissue paper if necessary) be injected into the wound, carefully wetting the dirt out of the wound. Gives your little attention a color-coded wound patch for children. Sometimes they also need insignificant bibs to boast of their pain and their heroism.


Bacterial diseases can be caused by bacterial, fungal infections, disease of the skin of the disease, or some form of injury. If, for example, we are involved in injury, we may become infected, purulent inflammation may occur. It is essential to show it to your doctor as it may not only be painful and unpleasant, but also dangerous if you develop an infection. Inflammation can then lead to a shorter edge of the nail, which can cause a lot of trouble.
If your finger touches or trembles, you canMay cause sensation of lysis. In case of a minor accident, it is sufficient to think about the pain. However, if the whole blood gets dark in the dark, we will have tense, unconditional application to the pediatric surgeon, as the loss of blood may be necessary. In this case, a small hole is made on the hard disk, and this is the way for the customers to clear it.

First aid was bitten by bursting

Rinse the wound, if possible under running water, and then disinfect Hyperolos solution, which consists of dissolving three tablets of Hyperol in a deciliter of water and then washing the wound with a cotton ball or sterile gas. No teasing, just bubbly! Do not apply a colorless antiseptic solution to the wound as this may interfere with the physician's assessment of the disorder. It is also forbidden to pollinate wounds!


Even with the tiniest paddleball, you can get caught in a very rough play with your claws. That's enough, huh Use Betadine disinfectant to wound the wound, cures itself in a few days.
However, it is also possible for foreigners of the dirty cat's claw to get into the wound. Instead of healing, we experience wound healing. The lymph nodes close to the wound are swollen, and the child experiences fever and fever. Of course, in this case, you should immediately seek medical attention. Be careful even if your child has not received tetanus for some reason. If your cat is bitten, always show your doctor the wound. If rabies is present in the vicinity, you may need special immunization.
In the long run, the best prevention is to teach your child how to deal with a cat and when to leave an animal irritated by frightening anger.

Wounding magic

What a self-indulgent kiss on the little kid's forehead, if he pushes it somewhere, how involuntarily he kisses the small wounds, the fractured knee, the prickly finger! Who would think that when we do this, we are not merely consoling, but performing a magical line of action over the ages? Believers believe that breaking the body's body of fire opens the door for the penetration of good spirits.
Originally, the kiss was not intended to be a gesture of laziness, but was intended to eliminate the evil spirit in the wound by this method. In many ancient reading sentences, we can put this idea into action when we exhort the evil spirit, for example, from the wound to the affected glass, from the glass to the tree, and so on. Today, it seems like a simple nonsense to legally "bribe" the chair that turned Gabik. Indeed, in our subconscious mind, we are able to sense a magical thought that is capable of personally acting inanimate objects.
Anyway, the little patient is good for that kiss, and surely we will be a great success if we even cut the small decaying sword in the middle: "Saliva, crab meat, and then it will heal if you are not tired!

Scratches and scars

Apply minor injuries after wound cleaning smeared with ointment or disinfectant to help with germination. It should only be glued if it is to help fit the wound edges (for example, wounds that have been cut), or if contamination of the wounds could be transferred to the wound. Leave it uncovered at night, indoors, air-dried for faster drying and healing. It is better not to wound up the wound, because this way the already healed part is detached and can disappear again.
Instead of bathing, it is better to shower the little wounded. Don't scratch the stalk! If your baby is not stopping him from touching it, you should cover it with a patch. Surfaces that touch the surface heal without a trace, the deeper ones can be counted as scarring. Fortunately, there is rarely a thick, visible scar remaining. We can mitigate this risk and promote fine wound healing by brushing onion lines after boiling and using ointments made for this purpose.
Hint: The adhesive plaster can be removed painlessly by watering it briefly with oily cotton wool.
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