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10 interesting questions about the game

10 interesting questions about the game

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Toys are almost a childhood symbol, thousands of manufacturers pour cunning toys. Look a little foolish! 10 important questions and 10 important answers.

When do we play and how much?

When it comes to baby and parent. There are no obligatory games and no playtime either. The good thing about playing together is that it gives you forgotten, scary minutes.

Do I need to improve if I fall short of my brother?

It is not worth comparing to the big one, as every child develops in a different rhythm. Only seek advice from a specialist if your tiny development is noticeably different from your average.

Can you watch baby doll?

Before the age of three, death, and even baby shows, are not advised, as they take the time to discover the world and teach you to cure. If you have baby babies, just stay in front of the cookers for a short while;

There is no baby program in the neighborhood. Is that a nuisance?

For the baby, the closest relatives are the dearest, and they are also the best "playmates". They get a "program", entertainment and development in their daily lives, and that is enough for them. Rather, my little mother lacks the physicality of boots and the ability to move around in similar shoes.

I'm afraid you're gonna fuck yourself. Should I teach you how to safely and climb it?

Experience has shown that if the baby is not born or controlled, he / she learns how to cope with the steps. Only control it if you have to!

Does your son need to play games?

You don't have to insist on getting the boy a baby cube and the girl a baby. The girl may want to push the car, the boy can cook, because she is the mother, and the male is the most popular cook. Give them every opportunity, and over time, every child will find his or her own interest.

How do I protect the big one from the little one so he can play calmly?

If possible, try to get your own table as big as possible. You can also move from the carpet to the bed with your toys, or have a gallery at high altitude, or flip a part of the room so the little one doesn't get enough. If the fight is big, put the little one in the carrycot so you can deal with it and the big one can play.

What does a one-year-old baby look like?

Are you having a baby party?

The annuals do not enjoy being vacated by a bunch of semi-unknown people. They are not too keen on childhood, nor are they sure to appreciate the celebration of light. It is worth inviting only the family and the narrow circle of friends. In a year, you can have a real party!

What kind of gift should I give to the one-year-old?

Small motor, baby ball, smallest movie with slide projector, sandbox, watering can, baby book, music book, swing, asphalt crayon, box full of interesting objects ... Just a little idea.
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