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Applying for 2018: Are You Getting All the Benefits?

Applying for 2018: Are You Getting All the Benefits?

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It is good news that no one who has not claimed the benefits last year can still claim the benefits in the personal income tax return. Moreover, the benefits of previous years are not overlooked.

Applying for 2018: Are You Getting All the Benefits?Mostly first-home discounts, family allowances, and severe disability benefits are reported in their personal income tax returns. It is also good if you consider yourself eligible for family benefits, that is, children are born. Its value has been unchanged since its introduction: the total amount of allowances that can be redeemed per month is HUF 33,335. The amount of the Family Benefit Fund will continue to be dependent on the number of dependents in 2018. The Consolidated Tax Benefit for Family Benefit is reduced by $ 66,670 for a dependent, $ 116,600 for two dependents, and $ 220,000 for each other dependent lactic acid or diabetes (click here to find out which diseases are covered by the discount). The monthly amount of the tax reduction is always 5% of the actual minimum wage, which means a tax reduction of HUF 6,900 per month in 2018, which is HUF 82,800 per year. If you did not ask your employer to take these discounts into account it is possible to validate your personal income tax return by May 22 (the deadline for tax returns is May 20, but it is Sunday, May 21, and it is Friday, so it is possible to apply for tax returns by May 22). you have been applying for benefits all year round (because you only had a job since September), you can apply for the whole year and the benefits you have already applied for in 2013, 2015, 2015, if someone else wants a good discount, they won't lose it either: you can check your discounts by checking.Related articles in this topic:
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