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These are the most common diseases in children

These are the most common diseases in children

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With the advent of good time, we can deal with some of the typical illnesses, but now there are the problems of the summer: air conditioning, allergies and, of course, inflammation.

Let us take a look at the diseases that most often affect children, and which can be counted on during the warm months.

Inflammation of the ear

Contrary to parental beliefs, inflammation of the ear canal is not typically a winter problem, but is more typical in the summer. The reason is that the inflammation of the ear canal is caused not by the cold but by the penetration of water. This is obviously much more common in the summer, when children bathe in the water and often submerge themselves in the water. As water enters the eardrum, the fluids soak the skin. Equally sterile environment, mixed with the pharynx, provides a perfectly ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi. And they reproduce. The discomfort is caused by pain, sensation, anxiety, hearing loss.


Fleddy is an unpleasant but common disease in children. Ownership is right there for some reason too much fat is produced in the ear, which then forms a natural plug. This plug may also develop as a result of frostbite or external contamination. The plug is a problem in itself, but it also prevents the further production of gluten, Thus, women and women continue to cause pain or temporary hearing loss and itching.


Pneumonia is also a common problem in children, although it is not necessarily the case during the summer. The reason is that otitis media often does not appear on its own, but is often a form of comorbidity. This means that some are considered typical, wintry problems, eg. appears later on after tonsillitis. Although this is often the case, central inflammation is not the only cause. If you show up frequently, you should also consider food allergies. Often, milk whites, gluten, or just egg allergy cause the inflammatory problem, which can occur in the sensitized ear. Occasionally, central inflammation does not cause alarm, but if it occurs almost as often as a weekday nap, it is definitely worth a thorough examination with your symptoms. (VIA)
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