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Lungwrap: Help for early babies

Lungwrap: Help for early babies

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Early childbearing between 24 and 34 can be used with great certainty, and it can do a lot to help a baby who is born in the past, to help form a baby.

Loving the early baby

When and how to apply lung cancer?

Anesthetic medication may be given in any case where you are suspected of having a pregnancy between the 24th and 34th weeks and you do not want to completely support your baby after the baby is born. Premature birth itself can happen for many reasons:
  • pregnancy complications
  • pregnancy toxemia, such as preeclampsia (high blood pressure, white urine)
  • premature birth, etc., in the case of premature deaths, etc.
In these cases, the steroid steroid - dexamethasone or bethametasone - contains lung delivery into the fetal circulation. "The medicine need at least 6 hours to have a fun effect, and having 48 urns is the best, "he explained to the request dr.Benkovics Jъlia a specialist in obstetrics. In this case, it is very important that you take at least six hours between medication and delivery. There are methods that are available to the medical team at this time and help us to detect a baby that may have begun. " tokolнzist apply to the butter mother: in this case, the muscles of the bee are loosened by medication, so that the contractions can pause for a while, "adds Dr. Benkovich.

How does the larynx work?

This minimal steroid drug is involved in oxygen metabolism lung cells assist in lysis elх. "On its own, the mature lung is small enough to breathe in the newborn. However, this is a prerequisite, as is a healthy body and a mature lung," says dr. Benkovics. It adds that "what kind of baby specifically affects the baby, but the positive effect of not giving up is sure to be very significant." As you read on if the mother undergoes a single corticosteroid treatment before childbirth, the incidence of IRDS (Newborn Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and fatalities decrease by about 40%. " a surfactant that ensures that the bladders that carry it through the gas exchange do not collapse, and that shorter intensive therapy and less breathing are required.

Safety and Side Effect

The ultra-low dose steroid is due to the pulmonary drug can be used with high security It is also available in all hospitals in Hungary, and is part of the protocol. Its risk is absolutely minimal, and its side effect may be due to the fact that it is slightly contained in the mother's sugar balance. "So, in the case of a pregnant diabetic mother, a temporary increase in blood sugar levels can be counted, but this is not a fundamental risk," says Dr. Benkovich.
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