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Even at Christmas, the family can cook together

Even at Christmas, the family can cook together

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Christmas is a great opportunity for all members of the family to be together. With LEGO games, this timeout not only gives you pleasant moments, it also enhances creativity and logic.

LEGO collections make great fun for children every year if you find this surprise under the Christmas tree. In the long days, small cubes are a real alternative to turning off for the whole family. So do the fans. The family business was founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932, and was made exclusively by breeds. Over the years, it has been realized that games are bought not only at Christmas but also every day of the year, hence the name of the brand that originated from the word "Leg godt". The LEGO cubes are extremely variable, with 6 cubes in 915 million combinations. Each year, 9 billion items are produced, providing 62 LEGO frames per person worldwide.

In addition to the usual collections, LEGO fans can also enjoy three exclusive Advent calendars throughout the Christmas period. Such is the LEGO City Advent Calendar: open 24 consecutive windows of Christmas, barbecue, racing, sliding, crazy, police, robbing, racing pilots, and 5 other minifigures.
Use the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar to celebrate a holiday with Stephanie as you visit the Christmas market! Pass the hog-scooter next to the festive attractions you find hidden inside. Stop by, buy presents, sandwiches and enjoy the fun of ice skating on the ice! Find animals, decorate and help Stephanie prepare for Heartlake City's Greatest Holiday! Stephanie and Lily have mini-baby figurines and 24 secret compartments with a calendar that contains 24 surprising surprises.
Finally, with the Star Wars Advent Calendar, December's days will be counted down to Christmas in a far distant galaxy, exclusive to the LEGO Star Wars minifigure and heralding events. Decorate 24 presents, complete with distinctive star hair, minifigures and accessories, the perfect holiday gift for smaller and larger LEGO Star Wars fans!
For the younger generation, the LEGO DUPLO Disney collections are very special. In Ariel's Underwater Castle, for example, you can play with Ariel at the price as Ficánnka slides down a huge slip. Don't forget to find a treasure chest!