30 Advent Play Tips With Kids

30 Advent Play Tips With Kids

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Christmas is usually a favorite holiday for children, and Advent Preparation can only enhance the mood and bring the little ones and the big ones into celebration. Tune in to the celebration of love, too!

The first Sunday of Advent also marks the beginning of three periods: the beginning of the Christian year of the church, the beginning of the Christmas holiday, and of course the beginning of the Advent season.

Tune in, too!

Write a letter to Jesus
Make a Christmas greeting card
Make Christmas cookies and plasticine
Stick on paprika
Draw an Advent wreath
Put on Christmas popcorn and make it a Christmas tree decoration
Make honeysuckle
Sprinkle a couple of mandarin or orange slices on the radiator
Get in your piss and read a Christmas story
Learn a Christmas song together
Spit the madrasset
Come up with a Christmas story
Walk one after dark to admire the Christmas lights
Cook some hot chocolate
Picnic in front of the Christmas tree
Ring with the bell
If there are no bells, make a few caps
Put the beanie in between
Decorate the nursery
Make a fingerprint memo card
Sing Christmas songs
The tree was dinned together
Hump ​​the hember
Give some unused games to the needy
Make a difference
Cut out the hoops out of paper
Come up with a traditional Christmas meal
Make baguette balls
Put the honeysuckle in hot chocolate
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