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His Five Best Christmas Blogs

His Five Best Christmas Blogs

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At Christmas time, the "home goddess" comes before everyone. In this case, the house is offered with gifts, and the house is made of pennies made of pennies.

Elegant and glamorous, handmade gifts to pamper your loved ones and, of course, for fun with the kids on the weekend. And enjoy it too. Of course this is the case not that simple. But there are some who manage to do the miracle and their tricks, and we can also chill out by reading their blog. If they succeed with their children and work, then maybe we have time.

1. Lavender

Lavender Bunny's treasure trove once - let's just say completely empty. For Nlah is not an eye-opener, and her hands are a miracle birth. Make a toy from a milk carton, a cap, a roll of toilet paper beautiful things. In his view, every object should be given a chance. Everything you do is full of ideas and almost convinces even two-wheelers to do a little DIY. And not alone, but with a child, because the essence is not the object, but the time spent together.

2. Children's car

This is not a blog - it's more of a creative, large families family diary. The second author of the blog, Vir Second, teaches children at home, and they start every day to create something. Let's say a humankind kit that solves the problem of "just not getting a rip home, how will a humman nose". Family members experiment, sell, make lapbooks and, of course, some cookbooks. EgyszerыLove and coziness radiate from ideas that you can easily create with children.

3. Color ideas

For anyone who wants to know what to do with the convenience stores, this is not a blog about traditional materials, felt, beads, and so on - with a little twist, of course original the blog. This will make the ballerina skirt the full beard and the orange rye. Beginner and advanced craftsmen alike find inspiration here.

4. All the stuff

With a small child, sometimes it is enough to be a retailer if draw something. Or, if that doesn't work, you can print what you've done in a while. Mariann, a six-year-old boy, first tries out his ideas for water - so this page is not a little lazy. Autos, gifts and lots of Lego-inspired ideas for gorgeous moms to enjoy!

5. Christmas decorations

It is good time to look at designer blogs, but when you see how much the products on display are, you get out of control. I like this blog because it presents things that are in any fancy magazine megбllnбk but they are made of all the crap you find at home, so the used CD will become a Christmas tree, the empty hazelnut reindeer head. And best of all, no one would tell you roula!