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Many could not take advantage of the family tax break

Many could not take advantage of the family tax break

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About one-third of the discounts are stuck inside. In fact, every third family does not have a PIT (for example, because it is a cat), which is sufficient to mimic the financial support provided by the family tax benefit.

Not everyone can take advantage of the family discount

The 24th has looked at how much family can take advantage of the family tax rebate, and actually how much can family save. but also from the kids - the big ones were the best. Despite that In 2016 we started to increase the discount for families with two children by HUF 5 thousand per year, HUF 2,500 per child.. As a result, savings are projected to increase from 20,000 forints per month to 40,000 by 2019. (The discount is increased by HUF 2,500 per child per year.) Children of 3 or more receive the most discount (HUF 33,000 per child), but in order to take advantage of the maximum, they must be gross enough. Which requires a lot of children to pay upfront. No wonder the Parents with 3 or more children can take advantage of only 52 percent of the potential discount.For families with two children, the situation is better: the family tax benefit is discounted by 83.5 percent (though there is now a return of $ 15,000 per child per child).Related Articles:
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