Chemotherapy six days after birth

Chemotherapy six days after birth

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Roisin Pelan, 32, was 35 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We started childbirth a couple of days later, and started chemotherapy six days after the baby was born.

The young mother, who was pregnant with her first child, just smeared her breasts with her body when she discovered stretching. The first day of the first day led to a doctor, so there were quick tests to confirm the suspicion that she was indeed cancerous. It was also important to have surgery as early as possible and to start chemotherapy to prevent the cancer from spreading any further.
Six days after the programmed cesarean section of June, six days later, Roisin was exposed and had complete mastectomy. Chemotherapy has begun the next day, so Roisin can't breastfeed her baby, Ivy. She was given medicine to keep her breast from producing more milk.
"I feel lucky to have found out what's wrong with me, and they have been able to help me. When I learned that I was sick, my only desire was to be as soon as possible, and to get started. and every chance I can raise my baby. I'm optimistic, "she told the Daily Mail.

Treatment is the only chance Roisin can raise your baby (Photo: Europress)