So ease your kindergarten education

So ease your kindergarten education

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The little ones are among those who talk lightly into the school weekdays, but there are some who find it very difficult to break the family bed.

1. Sharing your own experiences

Share your favorite kindergarten experience with your child. Tell him what you were like when you were little, what was your favorite play at the ovi, who were your teammates, what was your ovis sign. Hearing your own story, your child will be more inclined to go to kindergarten adventures.

2. Do not throw it into the deep water

If your seedling hasn't become a kid, you will have a hard time working in the ovis group! Come to playgrounds, playhouses, children's festivals where the kid gets used to the fat and the presence of more children and learns the rules of the community.

3. Honest conversations

When sharing your personal experience, it is important that you discuss honestly the changes you have made. Tell her why you should go to kindergarten, why it is important for a toddler, what the agenda is. Let me ask and answer everything honestly. If there are no unanswered questions, he will also start his ovis more calmly.

4. Location survey

Give him time to get ready for the new stage of his life. Even before you really get used to it, take a walk around the kindergarten, peek in the garden, let the little one play for others, and see how much adventure they have to offer.

So ease your kindergarten education

5. Avoid the "little kangaroo" effect

If you have not spent much time alone, you will have a hard time getting used to it. You need to prepare yourself and your child for a temporary break. If you've spent most of your days so far in your "purse," so adjust the weeks before getting used to always having a relative or acquaintance who cares for the urn. If you get used to your temporary absence, you will have easier things to do in kindergarten.

5. Choosing a secret ovis friend

Let yourself choose your favorite home games to take with you to the ovi. It can be a stuffed animal, a pelus rag, a baby, a storybook, anything that makes you feel safe. The kindergarten's house rules may not allow you to take it with you to the group room, but if you put it outside in the locker room, you can take it and help as it can.

6. Don't fool him!

Don't tell your leaping child in the nursery door that you have some time to go and get it right now! Always be honest and give your kindergarten time to stay. For example: "Mom says goodbye to the morning cocoa, and after lunch you eat your snack, I'll be here for you!"

7. Minimize the need for a common line…

Also, be prepared for the possibility that your child will cry, cuddle, play topless at weaning. In these cases, it is least effective to put away the goodbye. After all, the longer the barking goes, the harder the thirst. Say calmly that you have to leave now, but at the appointed time you will come for him. Then give her a goodbye kiss and ask her in the group room. If you keep believing, give your aunt, a professional educator, a small hand and wake up.