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The little ones still can't cope with a thin brush, with many paint palettes, but larger areas, with a thick brush or with their fingers and sponges. Add a bowl of watercolor or fingerprint.

Using candles, or possibly with white crayons, draw various simple plaques on a large (A / 4 - A / 3) wrapping paper. Press lightly on the paper when drawing the candle.
Drawings only come to light when a small child scratches the paper: the waxy area is not covered by painters. It will make a big laugh when you discover a face or a hood on a papoon.
Let's cut out a 30-40 centimeter thick human figure drawing sheet. Let's draw a candle on it simple face, and abdominal, well-known foods or objects. Let's give it to the little cuckoo to paint the whole thing: one after another, the secrets are revealed, and everything has been swallowed up.

Paint magic spells!

We can make similar magic pictures with lemon juice: light brush on paper, bunny paint with lemon juice and let it dry.
On a white blank white paper, white outlines appear when the small one is painted all over the sheet. We can create a complete surprise coloring book using this technique.
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