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Feed it wisely!

Feed it wisely!

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The organization of the little ones is constantly growing. The quality of development depends not only on the predicament but also on what and how much you eat every day.

Feed your child healthy! In the early years, children's nutrition is still completely under our control, but as they grow, they are increasingly exposed to the outside world. But staying healthy at home is still a priority, only exceptionally putting on the table something we didn't really like on our table, and it's important that we don't get it. Of course, there are occasions when everyone can go out on the holidays, on holidays, on a birthday party, and in the evening, without having to adhere to our principles, what could Christmas without candy be like?

What should be on the table?

The basis of healthy nutrition is the cereals, then the fruits, the greens follow. You can cook your whites with meat, dairy products and legumes. In the case of a vegetarian meal, great care must be taken to ensure that every member of the family has the right balance of different food options. Adequate iron and calcium intake is of particular importance for the developing organism, which deserves special attention at the vegetarian diet.

Lack of vitamins and trace elements can lead to short-term and long-term health damage. This can be avoided by trying to have (instead of) plenty of wholemeal flour, mashed or steamed, baked, or cooked meals on the table besides foods made from refined ingredients a variety of options with new dishes too. You don't have to be strictly "green", "bio" or "reform kitchen" to provide the family with valuable food.

Midnight, skinny

Today, more and more pediatricians are meeting with many of their patients who are overweight. This problem tends to bother parents less: they are often referred to a doctor because the child is a thin, bad eater. The majority of lean children are not cingarounds due to illness, but rather a design request. Experience has shown that they are more mobile, less ill, and do not cope with any excess weight in their adult lives. the side effects of overexposure soon appear: the initial signs of arteriosclerosis can be detected, the insulin metabolism may deviate from normal, they have more difficulty in exercising, their blood pressure is increased, the heart is faster, andRelated articles in Health Nutrition:
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